Afghanistan Campaign

This is a game played over the course of a few months in Afghanistan with my section mates. It was played in a slightly different campaign setting in which I used certain elements from pre-existing commercial material. I plan to rewrite the entire campaign so as to fit into the new re-imagined campaign world, but this will remain as is, just to give an idea of where it all began.
As Read From Original Site

Game 1 - On the Road to Grandia

Game begins with Eoin Cross being called upon by Captain Marko Finnian offering him a top secret job. He accepts and is referred to One-Eyed Jack whom he meets at The Pit. He is introduced to his partners for the mission, a scout named Max who knows the area well, and the spy who will be the head of the mission Homer. Their mission is to penetrate a days ride behind enemy lines, to a town named Flint which Grandia seems to be using as a forward operating base for their spies. Once into the town of Flint they are to look for any intelligence the Grandian army has gathered about Ossian troop positions and strength. They are told they have an operating budget of 1000 gold to use for equipment and the remainder will be their reward. If while behind enemy lines they accomplish anything else that may hinder the Grandian's war efforts they will be appropriately rewarded, amount to be negotiated upon return. They spend 120 gold on healing potions to take with them, and keep 100 gold on hand for bribe money.
They leave in the morning of the next day, posing as civilian guards for a supply convoy heading east to the town of Angwar Keep that the Ossians have been moving their troops to. Four days in when they stop for the night in a small hamlet they observe what appears to be a goblin observing their movements. This goes on for several nights until they are one day outside of Angwar Keep when they observe several Goblins watching them. They report it the supply train commander who appoints 3 men, Max, Eoin Cross and one of his guards, to form a roving patrol to clear the area. Homer is told to stay by the wagons as he appears to be too weak to handle himself in a fight. They begin the patrol and when Eoin spies the the goblins he yells to the troops at the wagon to ready themselves. When he runs back to the wagons Max fires off a shot which scares off one of the goblins. Homer is in the meantime sneaking around the west end to flank the goblins, Eoin spots him and runs towards him. Max climbs up on top of a wagon to get a good vantage point, and shoots one goblin through the throat after they poke over the ridge to take a pot shot at the caravan. Another goblin flees for his life, and a fourth pokes around the west hill with a readied crossbow. Homer has moved into position at this point and sidles up behind the goblin to take a sneak attack with his sap. Homer misses it, and Max rushes forward with a powerful swing with his war-cleaver. He drops the goblin with a heavy chop to the shoulder, then when he yanks the weapon out of the body he pulls the unconcious goblin into the air with it and in a battle-rage chops the goblin in half.
A search of the two goblin corpses reveals a bloodstained scout's notebook which has very detailed diagrams of the supply wagon train. It appears they have been making plans for an ambush. The supply train commander gets pretty spooked now and decides to ride throughout the night rather than break camp. Max and Homer choose to sleep in the wagon as it moves, while Eoin stays guard awake all night, causing him to be fatigued (and pissed) by the time they reach town.

Game 2 - Behind Enemy Lines

Game begins with party in Angwar Keep. They hook up with a forger, Chaz who specializes in getting people across the border with false papers, and get new identities. Homer becomes a priest of Saint Cuthbert, Friar Shmuck and Max and Eoin become his Grandian escorts; Slick and Kronk. They then load their contraband goods into the wagon of their Merchant Mole, codenamed William. They load up on supplies, have a game of darts at The Bloody Dog with a former student of Eoin's, and then call it a night. They foil an assassination attempt on Max that night, their assassin being a goblin with a poisoned masterwork dagger. On inspection of the body they find that he bears the same tattoo on his hand as the goblin scouts who attacked their supply train; Three dots.
Three days later they make their way to the border, and pass the border guards inspection, although the assassin's dagger is confiscated, much to Max's dismay. They rendezvous with their mule William, get their gear, and continue to Flint, where they meet with a Major Rolland, who appears to be the OiC of the troops in town. The town is much more built up than they had expected, with seige weapons and a significant amount of troops in town. This includes a large group of Flameriders. The party is referred to the Camp Sergeant Major, Sergeant Philliman, to work out a good time for a camp sermon. They agree on the following evening and are escorted to the tavern and put in a protected room.
That night Homer slips out under the cover of darkness and recce's the town. He takes note of the number of troops and siege weapons, and while doing so overhears a conversation between Major Rolland and an unknown Tiefling who came from the north. Apparantly there is a Grandian FOB in Ossian Territory, and the party had foiled an ambush attempt on the supply train. The goblin assassin was sent out of that FOB and when no success was reported the FOB sent out a beefed up assassination squad to Angwar Keep where the party was last known to be.
Homer went to the Siege Weapon corral where he planned to sabotage the catapaults, but was spotted by a kobold who had been working on the palisade. The kobold raised the alarm and the party beat a hasty retreat out of town, narrowly avoiding detection by a Worg. They walked through the foothills back towards the border crossing over the next day and a half, so far avoiding any enemy contact.

Game 3 - Extraction from Grandia

The party makes good time retreating from the foothills, but when they get within 3 miles of the border to Ossia they find they have been tracked down by a Hobgoblin Flamerider riding a Cinder Worg. The Worg charges the party. Max fires a few rounds into the worg, and when the Worg leaps at Eoin the massive fighter smashes the Worg with a powerful overhand chop to the beast's spine, injuring it badly. The rider is pitched off it's back and manages an acrobatic roll, coming to his feet, only to be attacked immediately afterwards. When he sees that he is outmatched he drops to his knees and surrenders, at which time Homer knocks him out with a sap strike to the back of the head. After a bit of a debate they decide to leave the flamerider and his mount, disabled, unconscious and tied up, but alive.
The party carries on to the border, relays the information to their army contact, and request an escort back to Drakewatch. As they gather their things Max goes back to the Inn where the Goblin Assassin was killed and the body hid. While investigating he is attacked by another Goblin who had been hiding in the shadows. Max attacks the Goblin in retaliation but when he is drawing his throwing axe his hands are slippery with sweat and the axe flies backwards thudding into the wall behind the bar next to the inn-keeper, nearly missing him. The Goblin attempts to run past and slide the knife into Max's ribs on it's escape but trips over Max's foot and slams his head into the ground knocking himself unconcious. Max draws another throwing axe from his side and smashes his axe into the goblin's head. He goes to the innkeeper and asks if he is all right. The innkeeper is unharmed, and demands to keep the axe as payment. The inn is then renamed The Flying Axe and when the party is leaving they notice the sign has already been changed and the goblin corpse is being hung out front.
When they get back to Drakewatch, One-Eyed Jack debriefs Homer on the mission and doles out a reward of 200gp each. Also each character is awarded 1 reputation point, and Party levels.

Game 4 - Statue Smash! Face burn!

The party currently has no work and so when it is revealed that Togen has run into a problem with an expected shipment of Blue Ice for Geon, and Geon asks for their help Eoin Cross agress to help in return for a favor from a relieved Togen. Max is a little more reluctant to help, and so agrees to gamble for it. He loses and agrees to help Geon for the reward of one future favor from the monk.
Homer is ordered by One-Eyed Jack to accompany the three to scout out the possibility of the Grandians spy FOB moving farther into the country. He is to keep that information to himself however and go with them using some cover story.
They gather up supplies and move north to the dwarven mining community of Azure Peak, where the Blue Ice was supposed to come from. On their way up the mountain pass, they are attacked by an Ambush Drake, which poisons and injures the wagon-pulling chocobo. The four adventurers quickly dispatch the mountain dwelling dragon and carry on upwards with the now reluctant Chocobo.
When they reach the village on the plateau outside of the mine they find that a majority of the village has been burnt.
*Quick Summary* Spend night in village, fight with Statue when trap is triggered, fight with Redspawn Firebelcher, slaughter of two zombies, disable firearrow lift trap, rest for night in top floor of mine.

Game 5 - Into the Depths.

*Quick Summary* Continue down lift, chain breaks but rope holds until nearly down, encounter with semi-intelligent zombies, fight with Dwarven Ghouls and Ghasts, chat with goblins who were hiding, fight with White Abishai.
How long ago? 53 Dwarves.

Party Levels upon return to Drakewatch. Experience points for party should be just above 3100xp per character now. Also awarded 1 Action point each for accomplishing mission, Homer gets one extra for above-adequate intelligence gathering, and Geon gets one for slaying a creature which is a hated enemy of his church.

Game 6 - It's been a long day's night…

The party beds down for the night in the depths of the mine. During the night Homer quietly kills off the goblins who had survived. When the party awakes they decide to check out the cavern room where the Blue Ice was being mined. The air inside the cavern is below freezing and so is much to cold for Geon, who quickly takes his leave of the cavern. They find two large cubes of Blue Ice which had been pre-cut and a few carts to haul it in. They load the two cubes into two carts and then pull it to the lift. Geon climbs up the lift shaft two where the chain snapped and uses his mending spell to repair it. The lift is pulled up and once the two cubes are to the top they make ready to bring them out. When they're about to move Eoin spots a pair of Lupine eyes watching them.
The party very cautiously walks to the front entrance, until they reach the entranceway where the statue once was. As they pass over the pressure plate the statues broken foot twitches with some left-over magic. The smell of smoke begins to waft into the cavern as the near the outside and it's source is soon revealed to be their wagon burning. The chocobo that they had rented lay next to it, savagely killed and half-eaten. As the party makes their way towards the switchback to go down the mountain they see the same pair of eyes watching them from a house. When they notice them a wolf jumps out of the window of the house and makes a break for the cliffside. Max lines up a shot with his crossbow but Eoin tells him to hold his fire and the wolf leaps off the edge. When Geon goes to check it out he sees a person with a hang-glider, gliding away from the mountainside.
The party makes it down the mountainside and then decides to march throughout the night and get back as quickly as possible, in order to minimize probability of being attacked by whatever was scouting them. Homer ends up passing out from the exhaustion of being overmarched.
They get back into town and drop off the Blue Ice to Togen; who, after a bit of bartering, agress to work out the debt of the dead Chocobo, although Nimble will not be happy about it at all. They all bed down untill the next morning to recuperate, except for Geon who goes to Ophelia's Oddities to inquire about his bracers. After a bit of a painful conversation with the exciteable gnome she agrees to take the bracers for the night and research them. He then checks back into the temple with the others and passes out untill morning.

Game 7 - Mission Critical, Situation HOT!

The party resolves their adamantine issues, splitting the adamantine into a new battle-cleaver for Eoin and Geon keeping the remainder as Homer graciously gave up his share. They took the day of the 15th, which ended up turning into a miserable rainy day, to tend to any affairs they had in town and await further direction. Homer's main contact, one-eyed Jack had left town and left Captain Marko Finnian in charge of Homer until his return.
The next morning Homer and Eoin Cross are called to see Marko. It appears that Jack had been behind enemy lines on a mission to find the location of a number of his spies who were captured. He was himself captured when distracted by a comely young lass, who was apparantly the Grandian Lord's daughter. The party has 12 hours to gather any equipment necessary and then they are to meet back at City hall to hook up with their arranged transportation.
At the specified time they meet at City Hall and are introduced to the town sage, Flabbain, who, as it turns out, is to be their transportation. They quickly understand as Flabbain changes into his natural Sage Dragon form and beckons for them to climb on. The dragonborne party makes good time to the village of Arlain, where they meet their arranged escort into the Cinderlands and are filled in on the specifics of their mission; They are go and break into Fort Ash and retrieve the captive Ossian spies, particularly Jack; however, they must do so with an appropriate distraction, that of the local Shaqti warriors launching a raid on the fort.

Remaining Highlights

  • Brief fight with Antlion
  • Horse being eaten by Red Bulette
  • Red Bulette following them
  • Thunderstorm approaching them as they reach the Shaqti Sunken Tower Village
  • Negotiations with the Shaqti chief for a night's stay.

Game 8 - A Moment For The Fallen, and Devoured

Session begins night of Tuesday September 17th.
The chief returns to camp on his pet T-Rex, with three dead bulettes in tow, and then calls the party to a meeting with him. They discuss the details of their mission, and see what they can do to help each other. That night the thunderstorm closes in and a lightning strike and it turns into a freak flash firestorm which surrounds the town. Then the predators closed in.
At this point three bulettes break through the wall and break in three different directions. The players attack them and all three close in on them and 8 Shaqti warriors who split into two groups. Homer and four warriors go after two, while four warriors and the remaining three go after a bulette who attacked a group of children.
Homer scores a good hit against the bulette but it is of little use when it rears it's head and bites into his spine, neatly severing his spinal cord then lifts him into the air and swallows him whole.
Enraged at the sight of a fallen comrade, both Geon and Eoin fly into a blood-rage and hack into the bulette they are fighting. As they fight it, a pack of a dozen Cinder Wolves rush through the gap in the wall and spread throughout the town, 4 attack the northern group, and 4 attack the southern group of two bulettes and 4 warriors. One of the bulettes swallows a warrior whole, and the other bites off a warrior's weapon arm at the elbow.

  • Details of Battle to follow: Alchem Frost attack, Milbury chopping wolves, charging at bulette, running up it's corpse and both jumping onto the back of the second and attacking, Geon's crit, the bulette rears and leaps, shaking Geon off, who attacks again and crits a second time, and Eoin coup de graces it as he rides it's semi-conscious body to the ground. In the background the T-rex eats a pyrohydra's head in triumph.

The party very wearily collapses to the ground next to eachother as the battle winds down. The Chief offers condolences for the fallen Homer, whose body was recovered from the Bulette's gullet with Geon's last attack. The party goes over to the shaman's medecine tent later and are healed back to full health.
The next morning they are approached by the chief and given three items; A Scarab of Golembane, Necklace of Fireballs Type 2 and a cloak of Fire Resistance 10. Geon also requests a cinder wolf mount in exchange for Homer's horse, and Eoin asks for a proper burial ceremony for their fallen friend. The chief says that Homer will be cremated and his ashes left on display in their heroes tent. (The gems that were in his pocket will decorate the urn)
He goes away to arrange for a mount for Eoin.
On his return he brings the wolf, as well as three sacks of newly smoked Shaqti Smoked Hydra Jerky. A meat considered a delicacy in many parts of the world.

(Out of Game): All Ossian spies are killed, except Jack, who is taken back to Central Grandia to be magically fucked with.

Game 9 - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Game date is morning of Wednesday September 18th.
The party picks up and heads back through Cinderlands territory the way they came, which takes 3 days. After they hit Arlain they spend the night and then all head back to Drakewatch via a secondary trade route which passes through Pine Ridge. They are a day outside of Drakewatch when they pass out for the night, on September 27th.
The morning of the 27th they head on to the final leg of their journey back home, and find that their road mysteriously ends just past a plantation style manor house. When they stop in front of it they hear a woman's scream inside. They approach the house, and Eoin peers inside the window, he sees a living room immediatley to their front and a kitchen beyond with a woman standing over a sink looking out the back window, her back to them.
They yell to her with no response, and then cautiously creep into the house and advance towards her. A glance around the living room reveals a symbol of Pelor on the wall, and several books with mundane Elvish titles, one in the center of the shelf however has the name Tiamat on it's spine. Their guard heightened by the presence of the Evil Gods name, they continue advancing to the woman, their hands on their weapon hilts. When they get within a few feet the woman begins to eerily laugh, Geon behind them slowly turns around with horror in his eyes, and says "I know that laugh", as she completes her turn it is revealed that she is missing her eyes, and is apparantly Geon's dead wife. He falls to his knees sobbing as she and his two sons, also eyeless, approach him talking about his failure to them. As they touch him all four of them vanish. Eoin and Horatio quickly survey the room and see that things have begun to change, the symbol on the wall is now that of Hextor, the outside is flames and the next person to come through the door is Eoin's dead father, bearing an empty fishing pole, an angry demeanor and taking off his belt. Eoin attempts to exit through a window as rapidly as possible, but they appear firmly closed.
They skirt the living room to get away from the father apparition and go down a hallway towards a room bearing a living symbol of Hextor killing Heironeous. They enter to see a spacious bedroom with a large king-sized bed and a scantily dressed gorgeous young woman reclining upon it. She beckons them to her, but Eoin holds Horatio back, his resolve bolstered when he sees the raging flames and running and screaming villagers outside the windows. The woman gets off the bed, and begins to walk towards them, becoming more emaciated, getting bags under her eyes and her face becoming drawn and dark. She reaches towards them, and then instantly covers the distance between them, laying her hand on Horatio's cheek, saying "Tell me Paladin, what is it that you fear?"
With a gasp the three of them awaken from their nightmare. Geon is quite shook up and insists that they leave as soon as they can, as the place is evil. They make it back to town without incident and part ways. Geon heads back to his temple to meditate on the dream about his wife, and the reason for his scale color change. Eoin goes to see Togen, who tells Eoin that his weapon will be ready in two days, and reveals that a competitor has opened up a Magic Weapons and Armor shop almost directly across from his. The competitor is The Sharpest Edge and Togen is quite upset that the owner had the gall to set up a similar shop so close to him and begs Eoin to stay away from it. Eoin agrees to stay a loyal customer and then takes Horatio to see Captain Marko Finnian, and report on their failed mission and the death of Max. He takes the news and then says that there may be a job for them in the near future accompanying an ambassador to Aiuran to recruit high mages to their army. He is going to hook up with the ambassador and arrange the job for them, so he dismisses Eoin and asks him to come back the next day.
The town seems a bit sullen and everyone is a bit agitated. It seems like everyone has been sleeping restlessly the past few days.

Game 9.5 - Through The Dragon's Eyes

The movement back to Drakewatch from the Shaqti village, the visions from the bracers, and the nightmare involving his family, as well as attempts to remove the bracers.
Highlights - The bracers are cursed and whispering to him, he

Game 10 - Sweet Dreams Are Not Made of These

Game begins with the Lt Morgan Fitzholglen coming into town and seeking out Captain Marko Finnian. The captain gives him a run down on the history of the guys and then points him in the direction of his new team, the three surviving party members. He meets up with Eoin first, passing Nimble chasing after Geon's escaped Cinder Wolf. After Nimble and the Wolf do a few laps around town they attract the attention of Fracas' fire elemental, Porthios, who begins chasing after the wolf playfully antagonizing it, much to the dismay of Nimble.
Morgan introduces himself to Eoin and demonstrates his magical abilities to him, which Eoin greatly enjoys, as he grows in size and strength, albeit temporarily. They agree to meet later at The Drunken Oyster, and Morgan drops off a message at the temple of Bahamut and the church of Heironeous for Geon and Horatio to meet at the tavern as well. He was intrigued by the previous encounter with the wolf and decides to track it down and possibly recruit it and who he assumes is it's halfling owner to his cause. He gets there to see the Fire Elemental goading Geon's Cinder Wolf into escaping again, and Fracas standing watching, amused at Nimble's frustration. Morgan hails Fracas, asking if that was his wolf, and introduces himself. At the sound of the half-elf's name the Fire Elemental rushes over and starts pointing at him, quite rudely. When Fracas questions him about it, Porthios insists that he knows Morgan's father, and he's like a rock star.
Important Events

  • A night at the tavern
  • Geon attempts to remove the bracers, they improvise a suppression on the evil with a protection from evil spell scribed into the bracers themselves.
  • The burning down of The Silver Sable and the subsequent death of the Aiuranian ambassador
  • Mysterious events around town
  • Geon's vision
  • The party figuring out what is going on

Next Game Information:
Game date is now end of October 3rd. Party is gathered at the end of a room moving deeper into the temple of Dhakeesha.

Game 10.5 - Nightmares Aren't Just For Night

Geon walks through a hallway of his past, and eventually comes to the ruined valley where he meets Vizardjeen, who brings him to his old house, steals his eyes and makes him fight his dead eyeless family while blinded. Just when Geon is striking the killing blow, a massive breath of deadly frost, his vision is regained and he sees his wife and children fall apart before his eyes. He falls to his knees crying with disgust, shame and anger, and the familiar voice of Vizardjeen is heard behind him again. They get into a heated theological debate, at the end of which the scene dissolves, the last image Geon sees being that of a man cloaked in shadow, wearing a black veil across the lower half of his face. Geon stirs awake and finds that he is laying on the floor where he last saw his companions, who are also stirring from an unexpected slumber.

Game 11 - Those Wacky Dream Goddesses

Game picks up just as everyone gets blasted with a Nightmare wave. 3 of the 5 members of the party succomb to the nightmares, Geon's is described above. Horatio has a dream where he is back in Alrain and must pass judgement on an evil creature found in the mountains preying on the innocent. He passes his initial judgement, execution, and when he is told to go through with it the creature is revealed to be a vampire, and his mother. He struggles with his decision as his mother pleads for her life, then is further confused when his old mentor appears behind him pleading for mercy for the vampiric woman. As the two argue theology and morality his mentor is revealed to also be a vampire, and, most unexpectadly, his mother's lover and Horatio's father. This makes Horatio a bastard, and not off true noble blood, if it were true. The three of them look into a mirror, and as they look on, Horatio's features are revealed to closely resemble those of his claimed father, and then Horatio begins to take on Vampiric features as well, much to his horror. He awakes in a cold sweat, panicking over what these revelations might actually mean.
Eoin dreams of fighting a rust monster, eventually naked and unarmed, as well as fighting in an arena rapidly filling with water. Although he is panicked at the thought of losing his gear, the frustration at all the mind-games overpowers the realism of the illusions and he angrily powers through whatever they thrust at him. He awakes from his dream incredibly annoyed and angry with his spirits redoubled in dealing with whatever is causing this.
Important Events

  • Interpreting the warded door
  • Screwing with the dream goddess' rod
  • Traveling to the service trying to avoid "The Betrayer"
  • A showdown in the Temple of Bahamut
  • Intervention by Tukadian and an explanation of the conflict
  • Tukadian offering to take the rod to the elves of the west
  • The celebration of the heroes success and their being dubbed "The Champions of Light" by Ophelia.

Game 12 - Bad Day to Be a Bandit

Game begins on October 5th.

  • Take care of things in town for two weeks
  • Socializing with Dwarves in the tavern
  • Heading North to Azure Peak
  • Encounter with bandit Weretigers (Burning the hell out of the woman)
  • Burning down the forest
  • Getting Loot (Heward's Handy Haversack, Quall's Tree Token, Winter Travel Boots)

Game 13 - Operation Deep Freeze

Game Begins on the morning of October 22nd. The party has escorted the dwarves north to Azure Peak and bedded down for the night. They mingle with the dwarves that morning, seeing how the production with the construction guild has been going. After working out some details with Teegan they hear a loud explosion on the lower level of the mine. The party rushes to the elevator, which is ascending, and awaits any dangerous creature which may be coming up with it.
On the elevator there are 3 dwarves, one wounded by a small spear, another with his arm hanging limp at his side, and a third with his hand frozen to the lift chain. The party quickly heals them and tries to ascertain what happened. The dwarves say that they were exploring the lower level of the mine and an explosion burst open the floor in the blue ice cavern, and a swarm of blueish tinted kobolds and similar looking whitish creatures who breathed cones of cold, rushed out of the hole. The creatures captured 4 of the dwarves from clan RedShirt, and the dwarves do not know whether they killed them or not.
The party makes a few preparations and then descends into the mine on the lift…
When they get to the bottom of the lift they see a dwarf who has been torn apart, and pieces of his missing. He is quite obviously beyond help. The party advances over the first bridge crossing the underground stream and come to the room where they had previously encountered the intelligent zombies a month or two past. The mine workers have begun expanding the mine here, carving out an area for the gnomes to the west, it is in this direction the party next explores. They come to the entrance to the carved out room and see that a shallow, now 13 foot wide stream runs south to north through the middle of the room. Occupying the stream are 3 savage creatures, later identified as Whitespawn Hordelings, who appear to have frozen themselves in the middle of the stream with their breath weapons. On the far side of the room are 4 gnomes just out of range of the Hordelings cones of cold. Geon rushes into the room and lets loose with a well-placed line of fire, which burns all three hordelings, and causes the ice holding them to melt. The now near-dead hordelings drop into the water and their bodies are carried by the current downstream. Geon grabs two hordelings out of the water before they are carried past the room, the third body bobs along just out of reach. The party sits around the corpses and disects them in order to understand where to hit them to inflict proper damage, and skin them of their cold-resistant scales.
They then leave the room, the gnomes who were trapped retreat to the lift where they ride upwards to safety. The party carries on north through the mines, coming to the second stream crossing bridge. As Eoin is crossing the bridge he catches a glimpse of the third hordelings foot bobbing on the left side of the bridge, and then very deftly scoops the creature's body out of the stream as it floats by the other side. They skin the body and then chuck it back into the stream.
They continue through the twisting tunnels until the reach the room where they had the big showdown with the Ghouls and the Ghast. The door where they had found the goblin refugees previously is slightly ajar and Eoin creeps around the room to investigate what could be in there. As he peers inside he sees a snowbank has built up on the northwest corner of the small panic-room, and it is peppered with body parts from the Goblins which Homer had executed and left behind. At the south of the room he sees a blue-tinted kobold who is missing his lower legs, they appear to have been melted off, and the kobold is in a mixture of pain-induced shock and utter paralyzing fear.
Eoin comes closer into the room to see what information he can gather from the kobold and the snowbank springs to life, attacking Eoin and revealing itself as a Snowflake Ooze. Geon jumps into the room to assist the fighter, and the snowflake ooze springs onto the dragonborn monk, and sucks him into the Ooze, dealing an agonizing amount of pain. Geon manages to pull himself free and tries to jump over top of Eoin to get away from the creature, but doesn't quite jump high enough and catches his foot on the big fighter's shoulder, causing him to tumble onto his face in front of the kobold, who briefly snaps out of it's shock to scream. The party eventually whittles down the ooze to the point where it loses the ability to remain cohesive and collapses into a swirling blizzard.
The party advances further into the room where the blue ice has been harvested. Geon is normally quite uncomfortable in such an extreme cold, but the heat from the accompanying fire elemental, and the resist energy spell put on him from Morgan helps to ease his discomfort. The room is largely as it was before, except for the large hole blown in the center of the room's floor, and a dead kobold hanging from a blue ice icicle by it's tongue. Also decorating the room is the skinned body of the hordeling hanging from the top of the frozen waterfall.

Important Points

  • Killing the sleeping guard and avoiding the frost ray trap
  • Earth Elemental Smushy time.

Game 14 - Jedi Mind Tricks and Suicide Vests equal Victory

Game Continues where left off, in the guard room of the Staglamite chamber. The party moves into the guard room to investigate the bloody mess left behind. They find a first aid kit which had been locked with a simple phrase "I am a … " with four possible answers; Kobold, Human, Smelly or Handsome. Taking the appropriate precautions they open the kit with the utterance of the word "Kobold". From it they gather a healing kit, a potion of cure moderate wounds, and a remove disease and remove poison potion.
They continue on across the causeway to the eastern hallway, which splits into a north and south T-Junction. They take the north junction which leads into a 3ft tall armory for the kobolds. They attack the quartermaster who attempts to flee, but Eoin, who has been shrunk down with a reduce person spell, knocks him out with a solid blow to the throat. Three others who were sorting some poison darts on the shelf begin calling out, at which point Eoin and Ashes (The Wolf) charge them, killing two and intimidating the third into surrender.
As they are sorting through the weapons in the armory they hear 5 loud rings of a gong, which the interrogation of a captured kobold reveals is the call to prayer. They quickly come up with a plan to rig a kobold with an improvised bomb vest and use the spell command to make him go into the temple and detonate on a 1 minute timer. It is a catastrophic success, killing all the kobolds and hordelings inside the temple, as well as the unfortunate Dwarven RedShirts who were being held within. The explosion blows the walls of the temple outwards, destroying the wall between the temple and the Hordeling rookery, and lights the sewage ditches aflame. When the sewage fires reach the dumping pool from the alchemy lab it begins to explode.
Furious from the destruction a voice calls out from near the temple. The party retreats and takes the oppurtunity of the chaos to quickly clear the rooms they didn't explore. They quickly go through the kobold barracks and the mess hall/food storage. When they round the corner at the end of the hallway, Geon comes to face an extremely angry medium sized White dragon in Tiamat Priestess garb, spectacles and holding a rod and a wand, which is quickly identified as being one of magic missiles, as the magical force projectiles fly out of the end of it striking the dragonborn monk in the chest.

The party enters the area that the Dragon fled to. The room is apparantly a sort of working lab for the draconic necromancer; the walls are lined with bookshelves and bottled body parts, an Alchemist's lab is against a wall around a sewer drain which is flaring from the raging sewage fire below. The room smells of burning sewage, blood and chemicals. A hound archon is chained against the wall, pieces of him are cut off surgically and he is near death. Morgan casts detect magic on the chains and detects an abjuration aura. They decide fairly quickly that they must release the celestial, and Eoin readies his sword to cut through the chains. He begins to sweat as he thinks over the ramifications of the possible magical backlash from breaking the enchanted chains. Deciding that the only real choice was to take the chance, the big-armed mercenary swung the sword into the chains with a mighty heave. The chains gave way beneath the massive war cleaver, a flash of disjoined abjuration energy erupts and travels up the blade, lingers from a moment and then shoots back down the blade and into the chains which shatter and fall away. The Celestial falls to the ground, and heaves in pain and relief for a half minute before standing up, uttering a few words in Celestial before fading away.
In-game Effect: This event mixed along with the blessing of the freed celestial and the experimental runes on the blade have a magical side-effect.
After freeing the celestial the party moves towards the door which h

  • Bringing everything topside
  • Replanting a Dryad

Note The druid decides to keep his captured kobold as a protected pet.

Effects of Session: Party levels to level 6, All gain 1 action point for the dramatic escaping villain, Eoin, Morgan and Geon get 1 action point for the scene with the dryad and electrifying blessing of Ehlonna.

Total Loot from Dragon's Den

From Armory
3 Mwk Short Sword (Small)
3 Mwk Light Steel Shields (Small)
3 Mwk Purple Wyrm Hide Armor (Small)
100 Sets of Snowshoes, Snow Goggles, Winter Full-Cloth and Fur Clothing made for Kobolds (Frostburn Pg 78)
60 Spears (Small)
140 Daggers (Small)
1000 Sling Bullets (For Small Sling)
50 Slings (Small)
40 Ice Axe (Small)
100 Water Skins
100 Belts with 2 belt pouchs
40 Alchemist's Frost

10x Poison darts (Carrion Crawler Brain Juice), 5x Poison Darts (Str Damage), 4x Poison Darts (Centipede Venom)
2x Blast Disks
2x First Aid Kits with following; Frostbite Salve, Remove Poison potion, Healing Salve, a healing kit (+2 bonus to heal checks) and a hatchet.

Dragon's Hoard
A Caver's Hammock with Heward's Fortifying Bedroll inside it, and a surrounding bed of coins of silver and platinum.
A masterfully built white leather couch with golden trim.
A quiver with 5x Burrowing Arrows (Complete Warrior), and a composite longbow (+1 Str Bonus) of Frost
A Steadying Robe (Complete Mage 134)
A Scarf of Warmth (Complete Adventurer)
A Spool of Endless Rope (Complete Adventurer)
A large stone platform, quite heavy. Is a Bier of Inquisition

A shelf with the following Arcane Ingredients; 5 vials of Angel's Blood, 3 boxes of Crypt Powder, a Gorgon Horn and a Dragon Ruby
A set of heavily ornamented, intimidating looking Gauntlets

A heavy oak map table with the following on it;
A Quill of Scribing (Complete Mage 133), A collection of maps detailing the tunneling into Azure Peak from Infernian territory, a map of Azure Peak itself, Drakewatch, Angwar Keep, King's Crossing and Kraken Bay.
A blank scroll with a moderate enchantment/evil aura on it.
A deck of cards
A set of dice made from Sapphires
A platinum tray with frozen meats and fruits on it, with a set of expensive silverware.
A customized variation of Everlasting Rations, it is a small sapphire and diamond studded silver lidded bowl, which magically creates a full bowl of ice cream every day. The ice cream does not melt throughout the day.

A collection of hats, x37; Details to follow.
Rugs made of the hides of a Cryohydra, a displacer beast and a mammoth.
A Minotaur Skull
A large mural painting of spellcasters, ruled over by a dracolich.
A mummified intelligent undead monkey with a parrot head in a cage.
A large silver mwk harp lays in the corner, next to a chest of Onyx gems. 17 x ~50gp
A frozen Dryad, locked in a cube of solid ice (Has been released and mystically rebound to a tree the party magically planted in a copse of trees down below the peak.)
And behind where the Dryad was stored is A Silver Dragon's Egg nested in crushed black ice.

Several Scrolls; Ray of Enfeeblement x2, Chill Touch x2,
an Potions;
A wide variety of preserved organs and disgusting arcane and divine components, some harvested from the freed Archon.
A large collection of books. They mostly pertain to planar travel, the summoning of celestials and elementals, the binding of summoned creatures, necromancy and lastly is a set of books written in a strange dialect of draconic (Takes a DC 15 wisdom check to decipher contents) which seem to discuss the "Runes of Creation"
A fully functioning Mwk Alchemist's lab

A trapped heavy stone and Iron/Adamantine/Lead door, with a set of 8 runes and a puzzle on the face of it. Unknown what happens when the wrong rune is touched. The dwarves removed it from the wall and brought it upstairs, and in doing so accidentally opened up a portal the plane of water, releasing 3 water elementals which they had to dispatch, and flooding several of the lowest caverns; the main dragon's hall, the latrine, and all the sewage systems mainly. They also now have a dolphin which came through living in the lagoon which was once the Dragon's main hall.

Total Coinage: 148 Pp, 106 Gp, 6752 Sp
Gems: 1 Blue Diamond worth 2,800gp
8 Blue Sapphires, each worth 750gp, for a total of 6,000gp
A box of Onyx gems, totalling 850 gp in value
Several bags of Azurites, for a total of 3,400 gp

Total Disposable Wealth: 15,311.2 gp

Appraised Value of Art Pieces:
Large painting of Spell Casters ruled by Dracolich - 2,200 gp
Mwk Silver Harp - 650 gp
Everlasting Ice Cream Bowl - 750 gp
Sapphire Dice - 4,200 gp
Silverware Set - 1,050 gp

Next Game: Next Game picks up on the morning of the 25th. It has taken 3 full days to bring up everything from the depths, and it is all currently locked in a room in the mine. The party is in Drakewatch getting the magical goods appraised and identified.

Game 15 - Meet The Parents

  • Sell the loot
  • Identify Items
  • Fly to King's Crossing
  • Hold Audience with Dragon Council
  • "Meet" Morgan's mother The Marquise Morwyn De'Einter
  • Pressgang Street Urchin, Grayson, into military service.
  • Get Kepeska and Dragon Flight w/ Hippogriff Mounts

Game 16 - Eaten by Salad?

  • Fight With Aliens
  • Fight in Kitchen with Plant

Game 17 - BEHOLD! A suicidal plan!

  • Bomb the beholder and an Owl-Bear
  • Throw dogs at a trapped door to test out a symbol of pain.
  • Test-Drive a Portal head first

Game 18 - Look! Shiny!

Let this game serve as an example to DM's everywhere as to the unpredictability of players. It was stated before the game that it was a relatively short game, shouldn't be more than an hour, to tidy up the loose ends and finish off the adventure so that after the 2 month break we could pick up the story fresh at the Winter Solstice. 4 Hours later we concluded the session, no further along than when it started.

  • Fetch the Sage Dragon Flabbain to investigate observatory
  • Identify Items
  • Fracas plays in the Door Demiplane
  • Activate Mirror
  • Teleport Through Mirror to Unknown Room because there was shiny gold statues on the other side. (Seriously)
  • Find themselves in a room warded from the outside barring entry, but not exit.
  • Yell for help to random flyers-by
  • Explore house
  • Ascertain they are in Aiurdan and in a penthouse of someone very rich
  • Get approached by housecat, at which time they beg it for assistance
  • Housecat polymorphs into a Sun Elf wizard
  • Wizard turns out to be more than a little out of touch with going's on in the world
  • Wizard teleports them to Azure Peak, after 4 tries.
  • Party vomits from stress of transportation
  • Wizard looks through the laboratory trying to decipher how everything works
  • Fracas traumatizes the Wizard, Merlikentis, by showing him his dead and mutilated friend. (Is preserved by a continual heightened Gentle Repose)