Age Of Ascension Campaign Guide

Might be a better idea to organize this as a book first and then go back and

Book Structure

Chapter 1 - Tone and Rules

Chapter 3 - Players


Unique Races


Unique Classes

  • Religious Scholar - detail class, based on Archivist. Wizard type play style, divine instead of arcane, perhaps a weakened Bardic Knowledge ability. Divine Favour instead of familiar? Or a pet cherub/imp?

Prestige Classes

  • God-killer Assassin

Chapter 3 - History

Chapter 4 - Magic

Chapter 5 - Gods

Chapter 6 - Geography

Chapter 7 - Power Groups and Affiliations

Chapter 8 - Characters

Can be supplemented later with NPC Codex style characters, only use major ones and interesting characters

Chapter 9 - Adventures + Adventure Hooks


  • Towering Oaks Expanded - Write-up similar structure to Sharn: City of Towers
  • Age of Ascension NPC Codex - Additional Named Characters and organizatrion members; i.e. Godslayer Assassin
  • Monsters of Ascension - Bestiary of unique monsters to my setting. Goblin and Hobgoblin tribes, etc.
  • Magic and Equipment of Ascension - Unique spells and magic equipment and items for this world.
  • Eras of Ascension - A guide to the different time periods in the setting's history and future.