Age Of Superheroes

PL 8 Heroes
Non-lethal campaign
One Shot, one session Stories
Heavy Comic Book tone, leaning towards Marvel tone
Major Hero organization, The Guardians, is their aspiration
6 Types of Origin: Skill, Mutant, Cosmic, Magic, Tech, Science
Powers have limited descriptors; i.e. Ranged, Energy, Fire

AoS Superhero Player Characters
Agent Smith
Mr Cool Hero

Age of Superheroes Game 1 Recap


The Six Fingered Hand - The criminal collective which rules the underbelly of King's Crossing.


Corporate Private Security
Armaments for Security forces
Head of Criminal Organization - Violent Schizophrenic with mother who runs things behind the scenes
Floating island invaded by supervillain during the great war
Villainous Organization hierarchy
Corporations of Major Influence
Heroes forbidden from participating in espionage or military activities
Civil litigation as opposed to jail time for destruction of property
Heroes forced into corporate black ops
Civil War boiling over due to slavery and wartime events

Session 2