Aywin Vanvir

Alignment - Chaotic Good
Level - 5
Deity - N/A
Homeland - Sovyrian
Gender - Male
Race - Elf
Class - Ranger
Height - 6'6''
Weight - 190
Hair - Long White
Eyes - Green

Born in the slums deep in the forest of Sovyrian, Aywin Anvir son of Aywin Senoir and Vaeri Vanvir came into this life during the longest winter in over 100 years. I was very lucky to have a family that loved each other during the early years of my life. My family was not the typical Elven family, both my mother and father fought in the war and because of the things they saw during there time in the war they were not religious and decided to raise me the same way. Sadly my parents were not happy with there own life as they were the lowest class level of Elves, barely scrapping by. Because of this I was my parents decided not to have anymore children after me. It also made them want to see me do better, so instead of allowing me to live the life of a child, they sheltered me for the greater part of my childhood, studying anything from politics to history, in the hopes that one day I could use that knowledge to work my way up the social ladder. All I ever wanted however was to just be a child, to be free to run and play like the remainder of the Elves in the slums. I did however manage to make a friend through my sheltered childhood, a girl names Lusha, we would play whenever my parents would let me out of the house from time to time and her and her family would travel with mine to the kingdom in the hopes to find more work. Heading into the kingdom always made me uneasy and still to this day I tend to feel very uncomfortable in bigger cities. Sadly towards the end of my childhood our settlement was attacked by dragons, my parents were able to keep me safe and hidden away and unfortunately paid the ultimate price because of it. Ever since that day I vowed to study dragons and hunt down every last one until they were all wiped off the face of this earth.

After the attack on our settlement I was homeless and on my own. I did a lot of scavenging and started to learn how to hunt to make a living. I ended up befriending a human family from the middle class our of necessity. I hunted and gather food and pelts for them and barely received any compensation for it. After hunting for some time I found that I had a way with the natural world and wild animals in particular, I ended up training my first companion, an abandoned dog that I had named Maggie.

Marry the girl from the middle class family would bring Maggie and I extra food and warm clothes whenever she could sneak it away from her parents. After some time, Marry and I began to fall in love with each other, but due to the fact that she was from a middle class family and I was just a homeless elf from the slums we had decided to keep it a secret from her parents, we were able to keep it our relationship a secret for quite a few seasons until one day her parents found out about us. Marry's parents tried there very best to keep us apart and even threatened to move there family if we continued to see each other. So we decided to run away together. We ran deep into the forest where I knew we would never be found and started a life of our own, living on our surroundings. Sadly being a human, Marry died several years later of old age. Heart broken and alone I decided to head out on my own to see the world and continue my hunt for dragons.

During my travels around the world I took on many jobs, from hunting and scavenging, guiding and protecting merchants through the vast forest and making bows and arrows to sell, I also was fortunate enough to find myself a new companion after Maggie passed away, a wolf I named Sasha that I found on my travels. In the end I always preferred the thrill of the hunt. Especially when I would catch wind of dragon sightings. I was fortunate enough to make friends with several other travellers and hunter through my many years, however I also made a few rivals. The biggest of them a man named Gaston who often hunted the same prey as myself, we often found ourselves racing to the next big hunt. It was never a pleasure to run into each other.

During my last hunt I say in the distance two dragons circling what seemed to be a good sized city, after a days travel I found myself in what seemed to be a once bustling city, burned to the ashes I found a man in armor saying that they would be looking for adventurers to hunt down the two dragons that burnt down the city and if I was interested I could head to the city center where they would be wiling to accept volunteers for the hunt. I guess we will see what happens.

Character Sheet
Name: Aywin Alignment: Choatic Good Player: Neil Character Level: 5 Deity: N/A
Homeland: Sovyrian Race:Elf SizeMedium GenderMale Age146
Height: 6'6'' Weight: 180 Hair: Long White Eyes: Green
HP: 34 Speed: 30

Str: 11 +0 Dex: 20 +5 Con: 11 +0
Int: 17 +3 Wis: 16 +2 Cha: 12 +1

Initiative: 5
Ac: 16
Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 11
Fortitude: 6
Reflex: 10
Will: 4

Base Attack Bonus: +5
CMB: 5
CMD: 10

Skill Name
Acrobatics: 10
Craft - Bow: 11
Handle Animal: 9
Heal: 11
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 8
Knowledge (Geography): 9
Knowledge (Local): 5
Knowledge (Nature): 12
Perception: 12
Profession (Hunting): 8
Profession (Fletcher): 8
Survival: 12

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic

AC Items
MW Leather
MW Buckler

Point Blank
Far Shot
Quick Draw
Wpn Focus (longbows)

Special Abilities
1st Favoured En (Dragons)
2nd (Humans)
Wild Empathy
Combat Style - Archery
Favoured Terrain (Forest)
Hunter Bond (Wolf)

+1 Frost bow of Distance
Arrows (58)
Cloak of Resistance
Explorers Outfit
Rangers Kit
*Belt Pouch
*Flint and Steel
*Iron Pot
*Mess Kit
*Torches (10)
*Trail Rats (4 days)
*Water Skin
Elixir of Hiding
Grappling Arrow
Sleep Arrow
Total Weight: 54

Light Load: 38 Medium Load: 76 Heavy Load: 115

GP: 330

XP: 15900 Next Level: 20000