Azure Peak

Originally an annex of Drakewatch, this mining settlement has expanded into a militaristic bastion of law, a town all of it's own, under the guidance of it's founding fathers. It was originally built, just before the war began, as a privately owned mine and a military training ground for Bahoden's paladins and a private Mercenary group. The church of ___ also established a foothold here and opened a church of it's own which it bases it's paladin's out of.

The town itself is multi level, with "base camp" being the main reception for trade goods and visitors, as well as the home of Bahoden's church and training ground. The switchback up the side of the mountain is largely inhabited by miners and soldiers, although some nobles have built grand estates into the side of the mountain, as the view is truly spectacular, particularly the west edge overlooking Fang Lake and Dryad Park. The top of the mountain pass is the main industrial effort, with the entrance to the mine itself being there. The majority of low level miners, forge workers and smiths live inside the mountain, in dwarven carved structures.
Far above the town of Azure Peak, upon the actual peak of the mountain, is an ancient elven observatory, owned by a very ancient and forgetful elven wizard, Merlikentiss. The town of Azure Peak is also protected by a Menhir circle emplaced by a grateful Golden Dragon in return for some services by the Lords of Azure Peak.

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Base Camp


Mountain Top


Azure Observatory
Dryad Park
Fang Lake


History of Azure Peak

The Bluemantle Dwarven Occupation and Destruction, The Frigid Bitch Queen, Dryad Park, The Azure Lords occupation, Building the Churches, The Discovery of Azure Observatory, The Mercenary Company's Expansion
Defending Against The Great Red, The Zombie Plague, Tukadian's Blessing, The Forging of The Tarrasque Slayer