Chaos Crossing





Sites of Interest

The 6 Pirate Fleets

Marten's Flagship is massive galleon called The Devil's Bargain, crewed by indentured devils and powerful mages. On the rare occasion that he amasses the 6 fleets under one banner to fight for him Marten himself sails out at the front of the fleet on the Devil's Bargain, smashing apart any resistance. It is a truly spectacular sight to behold, with hellfire shooting out of it's cannons, and devils teleporting onto opposing ships to tear apart the crews from the inside out.

The Demonfleet

Services Provided: Demonic/Infernal Pacts and Binding
Makeup: Marten's Sevensoul Gang, equal parts humanoids and extraplanar beings. (Demon's Revisited)
Commander: Marten Sevensoul is the overall commander, but his Naval Commander is Kiro Oathbreaker, a dwarven exiled noble.


Kurakama (Black Devils) - A black ship crewed mostly by Babau and Drow.
Eternal Hellfire - A large war galleon constantly burning with green hellfire, it's cannons wreathed in the flames, patrolled by Glabrau and captained by a bound Glabrezu.

The Dragonfleet

Services Provided: Terror and Magical Artifacts
Makeup: half-dragons, lizardfolk, and all manner of hybrids. Rumoured to be captained by an actual dragon, though the beast is rarely seen, Dranoxeris the Black.
Commander: Dranoxeris the Black


The Ghostfleet

Services Provided: Assassins, Necromancy, Undead Labor/armies
Makeup: Composed of all manner of undead
Commander: The Vampire Lady Claudia DeLacorte


Widow's Shame - Captained by a banshee, and crewed by permanently deafened necromancers and zombies who control them
The Boneyard - A Skeleton Galley, captained by a bone armour wearing necromancer elf.
Wraith Lantern - A glowing ship which constantly has black shadows whipping around it's decks and there appears to never be anybody on board.

The Ogrefleet

Services Provided: Muscle and Slavery
Makeup: Ogres and Brutes, Giants as Captains
Commander: Numerious Durio
Sail in large longboats with a very basic sail system, relying mainly on rowing power to get around as the ogres don't have the finesse to sail properly. Captained by a Storm Giant naval commander exiled from Gigantes.


Aggthach's Anger - Captained by shamed noble from Gigantes, part of the outsider cults
Thunder Lizard - A massive zooship filled with imported beasts from the north, particularly dinosaurs from the northern plains regions. Can purchase dinosaur mounts and animal companions from them.

The Steamfleet

Services Provided: Contraband Weaponry and Drugs
Makeup: A steampunk styled clockwork fleet composed of goblins, rogue Mekkgnomes, and gun toting bandits.


Pride of the Storm -

The Shadowfleet

Spies and Witchcraft
Witches, Kenku, and other shadowy organizations. The shadowfleet is rarely actually seen and possesses the least amount of physical ships of any of the 6 fleets due to almost all of it's activities being land-based. Has one ship, the Raven's Eye, which is captained by a powerful Oracle, that is essential to their naval successes as it manages to accurately scout enemy defenses and slip past blockades unseen.


The Raven's Eye - Their oracle ship, captained by their Commander Renkar Scarfeather, a Kenku Oracle.