Contribution Points

Players have the option of earning contribution points for various actions in and out of game which contribute to the development of the setting and story. These CP can then be exchanged for in-game benefits like Action Points (Used in same manner as in Eberron), experience for magic item creation and short term magical enhancement.

Ways to Earn CP
Method CP
Writing up the weekly game's summary 100 (200 if detailed)
Creating a magic item/artifact, with backstory 25 - 50 CP
Write a short story in setting 25 CP per 500 words
Ways to Spend CP
Method CP Cost
Buy an Action Point 50 CP
Choose-A-Crit 50 CP
Magic-Up 50 CP
XP Substitution 2CP = 1XP
Gettin' Racial 25 CP

Choose- A-Crit: When a result is a critical hit or fumble you can choose whether you want a standard hit or fumble, or pick a card, face-up from the deck.
Magic-Up: Cast your next spell one caster level higher than normal. If it is a summon monster X spell, put it up to the next level.
XP Substition: You can use CP to substitute up to half the XP cost in magic item creation.
Gettin' Racial: Temporarily enhance one racial ability for one check. I.e. Darkvision sees twice as far, Dwarf's AC bonus vs Giant's goes from +4 to +8 for one round and so on.