Border Troubles

The Party is assigned by the Mercenary Guild, The Silvercloaks, to a fledgeling Border town, Towering Oaks, which has requested military assistance. Towering Oaks is being met with pressure from both the Elven neighbors of Xalliman and the Ossians in joining their nation, but the village of Towering Oaks wants to remain independent, and so has requested mercenary support to bolster their militia to fend off attacks and escort trade caravans to mitigate economic pressures from Ossia.
The Party has fought together in the past, being part of the same section tasked to fight in border skirmishes during the late years of the Ossian-Grandian war, specifically along the Cinderlandian Line. After the war drew to a close they requested an official commission as an Adventuring Party, by the Silvercloaks. As per Silvercloak tradition, the party must undertake at least a year of Silvercloak mandated quests to build a reputation before being officially sanctioned as an independent group with Silvercloak blessing and support, as well as full membership in the Guild itself. The party does not have an official group name, though the Silvercloaks refer to them by their temporary name as the Slippery Salamanders, given to them by the guild bard in reference to their service in the Cinderlands and their ability to slip back and forth through enemy lines.


This game is intended to be played as a more serious, role-playing experience. This could mean an entire session or two without combat, a lot of conversation, and a requirement to actually roleplay. The world is largely undeveloped and as so you will be fleshing it out with your actions, so take that into account with your roleplaying. If your character is spouting on about his training and mentions that he trained in a hilltop monastery in the land of Shang under the master Li-fei, then those places and people now exist. Don't feel as if you have to fit all your conversation, backstory or fiction into the world as it already exists, you are free to make up whatever you want.
On that note, it is highly encouraged to write accompanying fiction or character journals or the like. There will be in-game rewards for out-of-game contributions like that, perhaps in the form of Action-Points to allow cinematic scenes or incredibly lucky outcomes. That will be discussed at our first session.


John - - Barbarian with Druidic flavor
John Tobin - - Bard
Berthelot - - Unknown
Brad - - Unknown
Dallas - - Unknown

Character Creation Info

Attempt to take the group's backstory into consideration when making your character. Before your character joined the Silvercloaks as a mercenary is entirely up to you. Main points to consider would be their motivation for joining the Silvercloaks, and then their motivation for splitting off with the rest of the section to become your own adventuring company; i.e. Fame, Money for a sick child, Adventure itself, etc… After that important information would be their Nationality of Origin, God(s) if any, and aspirations.

Starting level is Level 5
Game will be all Pathfinder rules, with any House Rules taken into consideration.
Books: Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Advanced Race Guide - For character creation, after creation all official PF books are fair game.
Races: Preferably core races; though the Advanced Race Guide adds in exotic races it would be optimal to not have more than 2 members of the party being some kind of crazy frog race.
Gods: Homebrew, can choose from those existing, create your own that fits your ideals, or choose a real-life god that we can create an analogue to.

Next Session

First session will take place in August after everyone has finished their summer taskings. Play-times will be either Wednesday evenings or Sunday afternoon/evenings, whichever works best for everyone.

Game History

None yet
Prequel - Will be written once all the characters are made

Player-made Contributions

All of your written work will go here.