Development Concepts

From Original Games

High Magic - Rune Magic, Gem Magic, Menhirs etc…

King's Crossing
Azure Peak
Silver Falls - A treetop city straddling a waterfall of silver
GodScar - The wound in the earth where two demigods clashed on the battlefield.
The Wild Zone - A region where the god of luck was killed
The Cinderlands - Rename, Fracas and Skittles rule over part of it with a portal of the elemental planes

Tarrasque - Imprisoned below King's Crossing
Morgan - Scott's character ascended
Eoin Cross
Geon Sarinious
Sir Horatio
Morgan Fitzholglen - Scott's Original Character

To Develop

Dragons - Old school dragons

testing page

Temporary Writing Hosting

Stuff to upload to the blog; articles, rants, etc.
Reasons to Stay out of the Ocean
New Game Review

YouTube Scripts


Youtube Why I Love Eberron
Youtube An Introduction to Eberron
Youtube The Last War
Youtube Dhakaan
Youtube Warforged
Youtube Changelings
YT The Dragonmarked House Cannith (Ensure everyone knows the best house is House Vadalis for magical animal breeding.)

Geeking Out

Youtube Why I Love Mutants and Masterminds

Many Faces of

Youtube Many Faces of Goblins