Village of Dormé


Village within the Republic of Bar.


Dormé began it's history as a single homestead in which the Dormé family settled. The homestead had a rather large farm that grew a very valuable crop during the time, ChillPetal. This allowed the Dormé family to accumulate wealth very rapidly, they in turn invested this wealth into purchasing their nobility, and the land around them. They built the structure for a few more farms and a small inn. Farmers, artisans, and traders quickly flocked to the area, establishing the village of Dormé.

Notable Locations, Buildings, and People

Dormé Home and Village Hall - The residence of the ruling noble family, the Dormé's, with a courtyard for Village gatherings.

Dormé Farm - The largest farm in the village that grows ChillPetal.

Ancel Farm - A farm owned by the Ancel family that grows vegetables.

Picard Ranch - A ranch that grazes cattle and goats, owned by the Picard Family.

Dormé Inn - The local inn that serves local honey mead and rents rooms.

Dormé Market and Festive Grounds - A large open square that usually has open stalls and other venders , which may be moved to allow the grounds to host events.

Church of Lux - A local level church which hosts the worshippers of Lux.

Dormé Tower and Garrison - A tall standing archer tower, with a large base to house the local Barian Guards.

Dawn Hill - A large hill that overlooks the village. It is said an old hermit elf lives within the woods on the top.

Delon Graveyard - The local cemetery.

Gerard Dormé - The Father of Joan Dormé, and former Noble Mayor of the Village of Dormé. -Deceased

Marie Dormé - The Mother of Dormé. -Deceased

Frank Jory - The new Noble Mayor of Dormé after Gerard Dormé when he perished in a fire.