Draconic Destinies


This game will be a serious dragon hunting and monster slaying campaign. That's not to say that there will be no humor, but keep in mind that some characters will be motivated by revenge, that destruction is rampant, and the economic situation is a sorry state. Resources will be low, particularly currency. You may end up bartering for goods, selling off magic items for mounts and equipment. The area is kind of bleak at the moment, and it's up to the party to bring prosperity and hope back to these lands.
Will be tracking encumbrance, food, arrows, time spent, vision types, etc. So trying to keep it as close to realistic and gritty as possible.

Age of Ascension World Details for Draconic Destinies - As per the Gamemastery Guide points, a quick primer on the world.


Story So Far

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Player Name Race Class Description
Bert Lazlo Human Fighter 7 Dual hammer wielding ex-adventurer; retired as a blacksmith until the dragons murdered his family and burned his shop to the ground.
Curwin Lerris Half Elf Rogue 6 A street thug who turned to adventuring after his gang was killed in the attack.
Neil Aywin Elf Ranger 5 Fighter 1 A travelling marksman/hunter who came to the town to hunt the biggest bounty yet, dragons.
Bella Rufio Freeman Orc Bard 6 Ex-slave whose employer was torched in the attack. Joined the party to get enough gold to comfortably retire; and tell his stories along the way.
Ian Doyle Karmac Human? Magus 3/ Ninja 2 A secretive warrior scholar who was studying at the university. Has proven himself to be literally cutthroat.
Dupuis Joan Dormé Human Paladin 5 of Lux A devout paladin and missionary of the god Lux
Dupuis Alternate Thomas Ravens Human turned Gnome Cavalier 6 A knight who has teamed up with the party to serve his mistress

Tangential Players

Players from elsewhere that contribute to the campaign or distance players
Caleb - The Mayor of Towering Oaks

Guest Players
Nick Ward
Jamie Ward
Justice Hopkins
John Tobin
Sarah Getchell


Important Info/House Rules

There will be a few rules systems in use as necessary; one of the most important is the downtime system. Downtime is further explained in it's own page, but the gist of it is that you can use free days to retrain, build property, make money, or a variety of other options. Downtime will also lead into making and customizing your Keep, and if desired, settlement that springs up around the keep. Rather than using the Stronghold Building Rules to build a keep we will just add rooms as in the Kingmaker rules; this just unifies the system and makes it easier to represent.
Also available will be contacts for tracking favours and political sway within the new country. Reforging is used to conserve raw magic and upgrade your personal gear, and retraining is used to get the most out of your character by tweaking it to your needs as you play.

Running a Kingdom

Hidden Rolls and DM

Player Contribution Guidelines and Rewards
Player Contributions

Important Locations

Towering Oaks
Applewood Crossing
Giant Slayer Keep

The Republic of Northwood
Imperial Democracy of North Ossia
South Ossian People's Republic
The Elven Principalities of Xalliman

Assassin's Guild Honour Code
Lux's Honour Code


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