Draconic Destinies Recap 2
  • When looting the keep they
  • John is asked by the secret police to investigate the leader of an underground slavery ring, Akane Dante.
  • Akane Dante, a Drow masquerading as a Moon-elf, makes a deal with John on the condition that he does them a favour or two when asked, namely, assassination. In return he binds some ancient power to his soul which removes the curse placed on him by the tomb of Alonso Abrienda the Devil Slayer and protects him from divine retribution, making him invisible to angels.
  • Brushfire revealed as Professor Brazenfist after he gives them a vision of an area to the north which turns out to be an ambush. Neil nearly plummets to his death, John has something odd happen to him when he passes out.
  • The leader of the Secret Police is Slim Jim, his partner is Sappy Jack. Jim seems to know everything and be everywhere. He is unsettlingly good at his job.
  • They're sent downriver to Chaos Crossing chasing down a lead on another Rogue dragon and possible ally of Brushfire. Dranoxeris the Black.

You're currently staying the evening parked at a ruined ship made into a tavern, called the Scuttled Crab. The family you were sharing the trip with, the bartender Davis, his wife Sophie, and twin girls Lara and Lana, has decided to stay here for now and see about starting a new life here where at least the Ossian Imperial Navy blockade can provide some protection.
Rumours in the tavern from local smugglers and inhabitants of chaos crossing speak of increased rampant demon activity, with actual demons being out of control in the streets instead of summoned by members of the Demonfleet. This started happening a week ago, and a week prior to that a hulking skeletal dragon was spotted briefly above the city bearing a human rider before seemingly disappearing into thin air. This has been seen before in recent memory, around towns or areas that were torn apart from some cataclysm or another. This has usually seemed to happen to areas with some kind of ancient religious significance, so ancient that nobody really knows why it was important. Probably the birthplace of a long forgotten god, or something like that. Regardless of the reason, survivors of the attacks have dubbed the mysterious dragonrider "The Harbinger".
The imperial blockade on Chaos Crossing has been in place for over a year now, and is strangely ineffective despite the impressive numbers they maintain. Though the city is landlocked with only the rivers running through it, ships from the 5 pirate fleets "The Ogrefleet, Demonfleet, Dragonfleet, Steamfleet, and Ghostfleet" will mysteriously appear and disappear outside of the blockade or around the globe and then be seen docked at the city docks again. It's driving the local blockade commander a little crazy.