Large Town: AL LG;
gp limit: 8,000 (High due to local resources and military, just dropped from 12,000 due to the Azure Peak Mine Closure);
Assets ~1,800,000 gp; Mostly in Gems, Silks, Togen's Metalworking and Ophelia's shop.
Population 4,500; Mixed (65% human, 10% Gnome/Dwarf, 10% Elf/Half-Elf, 5% Halfling ,3% half-orc, 7% other).

Town History - A general history of the town, as well as a more specific day by day timeline of events which affect the town.

The starting town for the players. Drakewatch is a lakeside Ossian town built upon the ancient ruins of an Elven city destroyed by a colossal flight of dragons. Talon Lake is to the northwest, which is fed by the northern Glacial melt, and leads into the river which in turn flows into the southern sea.


The town is built around long ruined elven structures which prove to difficult or dangerous to tear down. Some houses incorporate the ruins, while others are built around them avoiding them completely. The south-eastern ruin district is an example of the latter, as the citizens think they are haunted and so refuse to build anywhere within that region. Dragon bones are a frequent fid in the city and citizens have taken to using them as focuses of their structures.


The town is surrounded by a circular wooden palisade occasionally punctuated by guard towers. There is a trade road out of each cardinal point with gatehouses admitting entry. The western side of town is dominated by the docks and is largely lower class due to the low-rent apartment housing. The southern edge of town along the wall is largely farmland, with farmland also on the outside of town along the wall. There is a larger stone ruin in the center of town, possibly a ruined tower, and several elven ruins around it; these are left alone and the only structures nearby are the surrounding graveyards to the south and the Temple District which maintains them. The east side of town is more upper class, housing the noble district, finer shops and administrative buildings. The town sage lives on the far eastern town in a tall tower which is built around a colossal dragon skull, close to the Ossian Army building complex.
The Northern half of town is largely lower to middle class housing along with warehouses, the marketplace, the stadium and a slew of shops in what is commonly known as the trade district.



Taxes in Drakewatch are fairly light at the moment. Each Citizen pays a yearly flat-tax of just 1 gp, with Merchants and Nobles paying a 5% Income taxes each year.
Mayor Tully has been requested to pay a large amount of taxes to Ossia to support the war and so is drafting up a new tax plan in order to support the recent war effort and the new plan will be in effect January 1st of the coming year.
The proposed plan is to double all taxes, commoner, merchants and nobles alike, and they will be putting into effect a 2sp traffic fee for all non-citizens trying to enter the city, which can be avoided by buying a 5gp travel token.

Important People

Flabbain - Town Sage
Mayor Tully - Town Mayor
Bishop Errain - Head Priest of Heironeous
Ishtar - Priest of Bahamut
Captain Marko Finnian - Ossian Army Captain Stationed in Drakewatch
One-Eyed Jack - Ossian Army Espionage Division Captain
Malcolm Andrus - Ossian Army Recruiter/Training Coordinator

Points of Interest

City Hall - Built in the ribcage of a colossal dragon skeleton which lays across the center of the town. People interested in obtaining property inquire within, and legal concerns and court proceedings are also handled here.
Wizards Tower - A tall 5 story tower on the eastern side of town. It's base is actually built into the head of the Dragon skeleton.
Ossian Army HQ - Training Grounds and Barracks for the units of the newly bolstered Ossian Army stationed in Drakewatch.
Drakewatch Militia - Town Watch, armory for the town militia and stables.
Library - A good place to research whatever you need.

Noble District
Silver Sable - An upper class tavern and Inn in the nobler district.
Zoo - Maintained as a joint effort between the Mayor and the town Wizard Flabbain.
Togen's Smithy - Dwarven family run smithy, makes weapons and armor, has regular dealings with the Army.
Ophelia's Oddities - Sells magical items, likes the history behind them.
Greta's Glittering Gems - Gnomish Jeweler and gemcutter.
Udoo's Silks - An immigrant from The Honored South who makes a large variety of clothing for wealthier residents.

Dockyards - Where all the fishing and shipping industry is housed. The dockyard district is a little seedy, especially to the south thanks to the gambling hall The Pit, and the low-rent apartments on the waterside.
Drunken Oyster - A grounded ship turned into an Inn by it's pirate captain.
The Pit - Gambling Hall on the waterfront, is quite often rowdy and a source of crime.
The Everything Bin - Owned by a Half-Orc entrepaneur Krug, sells low and common quality goods to the lower class at a cheap price.
Akran's Ice House - The biggest supplier of Ice throughout the year, employs a number of fishermen throughout the winter who wish to supplement their income as Ice Cutters.

Eternal Flame Alchemy - Run by an eccentric Gnome Sorceror.
Nimble's Steadfast Steeds - Sells mounts, mountaineering and adventuring gear.
Ulfgar's Steady Hammer - Provides the majority of common iron work in the town. Doorhinges, gates, hammers, fish-hooks and the like.
Stadium - Source of entertainment in the town, where most public events are held.
Construction Guild - A union of carpenters and stonemasons who handle building construction and repair.
Market - A gathering of small stalls, a lot of food is sold here.
The Tannery
The Sharpest Edge - A shop specializing in magic weapons and armor.

Temple of Heironeous - Heironeous is the patron god of Drakewatch and so has the only major temple in the city.
Temple District - A collection of smaller shrines and temples devoted to the other gods.
Temple of Bahamut - Just larger than a shrine, a very small temple devoted to the Dragon god.
Graveyard - Situated behind the temple district, maintained by the clerics of Heironeous.

Northwind Winery - Built in a large vineyard in the southeast of Drakewatch, produces a variety of alcoholic beverages.