-6000 OB Roughly around the time when the nation of Gigantica launched it's initial transcontinental conquest known simply as the Grand Giant Invasion, attempting to impose their Pax Gigantis on the rest of the world and enslave the minor races. The dwarves were the main defenders in this conflict and managed to push the Giants back from their homeland at great cost.


The dwarves are an ancient and noble race, with strong familial bonds and a strong sense of clan duty, tradition and honor.

Important Dwarven Clans


Known/Prominent Members: Osta Blackhand the face of Communism


A relatively young clan, between 4-6 generations old. They were an offshoot of the martial Stoneshields; a clan devoted to homeland defense above most callings, often found guarding settlements and mines. The Strongshields split off after a clan moved into the human lands of Ossia, and began selling their martial prowess as vaultguards to the Ossian merchants.
Clanhold: Traditional Strongshield Clanhold is in the Ossian capital town of Rockwell Reach
Known/Prominent Members: Aola and Dagvo of Towering Oaks


A very young clan, in it's first generation now. Three families who have spread all over the continent prospecting for riches and a place to build a strong foundation for their new clan.
Clanhold: Unestablished
Known/Prominent Members: Ygin Earthfate the dwarf opening a quarry at Towering Oaks