Giant Ant Attack

At 96,96, in the hills, there is an underground giant ant's nest built into the side of a cliff just before crossing a footbridge. Party is attacked by 5 of the soldiers, two more crawl up the side of the cliff face after round 2 ends. Ants refuse to cross the bridge.
Reward: 750 xp per PC in fight; possible harvesting of poison from ant stinger; DC 15 Knowledge nature to know of the poison, DC 15 Craft Poison/Alchemy or Survival to retrieve it.

If they decide to descend into the tunnels, it's approximately 50 or so Giant Ant Worker, 20 Giant Ant Soldier, and 1 Giant Ant Queen
Inside they come across a dead druid who has a couple things on him. One is the Armor of the Ant-Friend. As strong as plate but as light as chain. Once per day, you can shrink down to 1" tall for as long as 1 hour. The second is a crown which allows the bearer to speak with Vermin. His cloak has a sigil which, when researched, marks him as a member of the Cult of the Many-Legged God, which worships insects.
DM NOTE: He is one of several in the cult. Their leader is responsible for several giant insects in the area; including centipedes, scorpions, spiders, and bees. They've been slowly growing and plan to attack and devour small villages.