Hobgoblin Slave Worker Camp

At 90,99
A squad of about 10 Hobgoblins live here with a multitude of Goblin and a few elven slaves. They use the goblins to trap, hunt and forage, then bring tribute to the dragon Leafsnout up in the Northeast swamps. The elves are used to farm plants in town, and basically to be fucked with. They occasionally feed them to Leafsnout for kicks. There is a half-eaten unicorn in one of the huts.

A squad of hobgoblins have set up a hunting/foraging camp in this area. They funnel scavenged food north to their keep, and bring elves as sacrifices to leafsnout in the eastern swamp. A small stream, mirroring the large river to the south, runs through the camp from east to west, bisecting the camp. The hobgoblins live in a barracks on the north of the stream, with a small warehouse hut to store all their gathered goods in; while the undesirable elves, goblins and trolls are on the south side of the camp guarded by hobgoblins on duty.


Warehouse Hut

This hut contains all of their looted goods and scavenged food.


  • Half-eaten unicorn, horn intact
  • About 400 lbs of raw Venison and Turkeys
  • Wagon with reins for Goblin Dogs

Hobgoblin Barracks

This long two-story barracks includes an armory and a small kitchen. All off-duty Hobgoblins stay in the barracks lower level bunkhouse portion, and the Sergeant and Bombardier stay on the top floor. The two hobgoblins can be found inside discussing the camp and the shipment north in the near future.

Bombardier's Room

Tanglefoot Bag x3, Alchemist's Fire x3, Bottled Lightning x3

Slave Tenement

This three story ramshackle shack houses all the slave workers in the settlement. It's barely more than a warehouse with wide open rooms used for every aspect of their daily lives. The first floor is the common floor where they eat, cook, brawl and gamble. The second floor is the goblin sleeping area, and the third is where they house their captured slaves, at the moment mainly elves captured from raids into Xalliman.

  • First Floor

The ground floor is currently occupied by about 12 of the goblin slaves eating their supper for the night, along with the 4 Goblin Dog Warriors. Serving the dinner is a captured paladin, Joan Dorme, who is happily slopping stew onto plates for them. The stew is a thin gruel, barely flavored with bits of scavenged root vegetable and the gristly parts of the deer that the hobgoblins deemed undesirable. The paladin is manacled to the the wall in the kitchen area to prevent her running off on them while she cooks. The shackles are heavier, and can be broken with a Strength DC 28, or picked with Disable Device 20. Manacles have hardness 10 and 10 hit points.

  • Second Floor

This floor is littered with junk and shoddily constructed wooden furniture. Bone and antler sculptures adorn the walls and hang from the ceilings, carved by bored goblins passing the time.A large chunk of goblins are sleeping up here in two groups; one of 8 and one of 10. Their gear is mostly off in a pile against the wall, and if alerted they will take 4 rounds to arm themselves as they climb over each other in a blind panic.

  • Third Floor

This floor is one massive open area, with simple posts that the slaves are shackled to at night. 7 elves are tied up for the night here already. There is one hobgoblin warrior standing guard over them here, though he's quite bored and occasionally throws pebbles at the prisoners to pass the time. (Passive perception 11, Active +2)
The shackles are standard, and can be broken with a Strength DC 26, or picked with Disable Device 20. Manacles have hardness 10 and 10 hit points.

Gatherer Hut

Four elves are working in here, preparing bags of gathered herbs and mushrooms with their sickles. Two hobgoblins stand guard over them and keep an eye out on the edge of camp. (Passive Perception 12, Active +3 if anyone comes within 70 feet)

  • 40 lbs of gathered herbs and mushrooms
  • Alchemist's Lab
  • 2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds
  • 3 Alchemist's Fire
  • 1 Acid Vial
  • 2 Troll Oil (UE)
  • 2 Twitch Tonic (UE)
  • 20 Doses of Vermin Repellant (UE)

Troll Hole

Off to the southwest of the camp is a large pile of debris which has been formed into a cave for two female trolls to occupy. These beasts are Leafsnout's "blessing" to the Hobgoblin's camp, and they do the lion's share of the hunting for the camp. The trolls sleep through the day and then shamble off into the western swamp to hunt at night. The outside of the cave is littered with the bones of woodland animals, and brave goblins occasionally sneak over to the pile to grab a particularly striking set of antlers or bone to carve into primitive jewelry for themselves.


Greenscale Hobgoblin Sergeant
Greenscale Hobgoblin Bombardier
Hobgoblin Warrior x10 (3)
Goblin Dog Soldier x4
Goblin Dog x4
Goblin Slave x30
Troll x2

Elven Slaves Elf Commoner 1

Reward for Encounter

XP: 12,000 (Divided)

Looted from Bodies
Longsword x10, Longbow x10, Shortbow (small) x20, Dogslicers (small) x4
Arrows x250

Downtime Goods
Goods x15
Food x440 meals