Slayer's Keep

Black Pudding In the cistern at the keep, eats waste for the occupying goblinoids, as well as unfortunate goblins that get thrown in.
Greenscale Hobgoblin Bombardier (CR 7)
Greenscale Hobgoblin Lt x2 (CR 4)
Greenscale Hobgoblin Sergeant x2 (CR 2)
Hobgoblin Warriors x40 (CR 1/2)
Troll Warden x2 (CR 6)
Goblin Slave x30 (CR 1/3)
Goblin Dog x4 (CR 1)
Animated Slayer Statue (Animated Medium Object)
Wyvern CR 6 (2 Guarding the keep)

Slayer's Keep Encounter and Loot



Animated Slayer Statue Guardian that can awaken if someone says the command word

Main Floor

1 - Stables
East Stables -
West Stables -

2 - Barracks
Hobgoblins living within here, footlockers are locked with flimsy locks and contain personal effects.

3 - Main Foyer
Tapestries in tatters hang from the rafters in here with memorials to past victories. Strange beast heads are mounted on the wall, trophies of victorious hunts.

4 - Trophy Hall
Stuffed animals line the walls with several awards from past Ossian and Xallimanian kings.

5 - Armory

6 - Dining Hall

Has a bar in the back attached to the kitchen.

7 - Storage Room

8 - Kitchen


Second Floor