Eoin Cross


A human born into a life of hard labour as the son of a widower fisherman of Drakewatch, Eoin learned early in life that no gain comes without sacrifice. From the time he could stand he was put to the nets and ropes of his father's boat, and there he remained for 10 summers as he grew wiry and tough from weather and work. When his father began trusting him with errands around town, he happened upon two hungers; one mild, the other near insatiable. He wanted to see beyond the gates of his home, and to fight. The rare random brawl fascinated him beyond measure. The even rarer scrape between armed opponents filled him with an insane desire to grab the nearest object and join the fray. To his surprise, his father approved of this fancy, turning the boy over to his uncle - an established blacksmith - to learn the basics of weapons and combat. Quickly growing by leaps in the art of the axe, long years of constant practice garnered him the gift of a masterworked weapon from his uncle; a battle cleaver and interlocking gauntlet, custom-made to fit the now grown man. After he had learned all he could from his relative, Eoin left for the Ossian capital, hiring his arm out to anyone that would hire it, to a point. After catching the interest of the Ossian military ranks as an accomplished fighter, he gained a relationship with Captain Marko Finnian, who hired him as a trainer in mellee combat and fitness for the Iron Wolves.


Eoin makes a very concentrated effort to not stand out, and his appearance reflects it despite his physical disproportion. His right arm is severely disproportionate to his left from years of single-minded weapon use, but he hides it under a long, loose fitting shirt. He is standard in height and weight for a warrior, and wears a simple chain shirt as a favoured armour. His weapon in the war cleaver, custom-made for him with an interlock system used with the massive gauntlet worn on his right hand and forearm. Eoin is basically friendly, and is at heart an intelligent and reasonable person, but in the heat of battle loses all capacity for empathy or abstract thought, robotically attacking with terrifying uniformity until the kill is made. His left arm keeps a tower shield at the ready, though the incessant slashing of his combat style makes it more of an afterthought.
When not fighting, Eoin spends his time on training foremost. Having no thought for family, he never attaches himself to any one or any thing, and moves constantly, preferring his anonymity over any sort of fame. Captain Marko Finnian may in fact be the only person who might consider himself something near a friend.

Note: War Cleaver is a style variant of the 1 handed battleaxe and any weapon focus or special abilities that are meant for Eoin's war cleaver apply to battleaxes as well.