The only really permanent city in The Scorching Wastes, is a major trading hub for the desert tribes. It's population fluctuates based upon the time of year and how many tribes have come to the city to trade. During the 7-day Gathering of the Tribes Celebration, which occurs every 5 years the population within the city balloons to as many as 40,000, with non-citizens requiring a license, certifying them as either merchants, competitors or visiting dignitaries, to enter the city.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Power Centre: Magical (Druid Grand Regent and Fire Elemental Co-Ruler)
Size: Between Large Town (3,000 People) - Large City (15,000 People) depending on time of year.
GP Limit: 6,000gp - 80,000gp

People of Interest

Fracas - High Devotee of the Purifying Flame

Locations of Interest

Plane of Fire - A gateway to the plane
Cathedral of Flame - A grand cathedral devoted to the power of Fire, Skittles serves as the Great Envoy of Flame, which is both a messenger from the Plane of Fire and the Head Priest of the Cathedral. The cathedral is accessed through the side of the volcano and is actually built in a protective field within the magma of the Volcano itself.
Citadel Magmar - The seat of Power occupied by Grand Regent Frakis