Fresh Start

A unique try at Kingmaker where everything is random and the players play amnesiac characters drawn from a roster of survivors rather than personally statted up characters made prior to the game.
Blank Sheet

Character Roster

Placeholder Name Race and Archetype Kingdom Position Downtime Default Description
Good Boy Intelligent Talking Dog Best Boy Finding rare treasures An energetic pup with an innate connection to nature, medium sized dog with similarities to a Redbone Coonhound
Herbert Thurstan LE Human Aberrant Sorcerer Mayor Managing the town, Building a political base Plans on starting a cult to the deep ones. He's an abnormally thin creepy man with thin circular glasses and a sickly pallor to his skin, reminds one of a dead fish washed ashore.
Ivy NE Elven Rogue (Herbalist/Poisoner) Assassin Making an herb garden at the Town Hall, building capital Goods for natural structures Elf, tall, lean, red hair. Looks like poison Ivy.
Gunnar Gunnarson Dwarven Gunslinger None Training, hunting in the woodlands Stern, wiry dwarf with a fascination for explosions and fire. Very calculating and deliberate with all of his actions, tempered by years as a sniper.
Lambert Skeemo LE Shaqqi Rogue Spymaster Greasing Palms, Building Influence Capital Extremely lecherous, overweight grey squirrel, and sexually deviant, looking for love, highly intelligent and manipulative; thinks he's a really interesting guy and girls would be lucky to have him because of his big brain.
Mac Stevenson NG Human Wizard, Abjurationist None Trying to be helpful but failing horribly. Stresses importance of defensive magic but super gullible and quick to trust.
Mort Penman Human, Sage Unofficial Chief Bureaucrat Studying and running the bureacratic affairs of state, calling meetings to order and bringing forth issues. An old man, in his late 60's and grey. Hunched back and ink stained fingers. Speaks slow and is easily irritated by foolishness.
Rurik LN Human Wizard () None Studying Spells and Preparing Corpses Pursuing non-traditional magical routes, sad little man who despises nature and is a germaphobe.
Argos Krambo LG Dwarf Fighter Marshal Managing the militia, building town defenses A tea-totaller, no-nonsense soldier. Neat freak. Loves dogs and hunting.
Ariel Melrose LE Tiefling Sorcerer (Infernal) Councillor Practicing her magic and building her spell repertoire. Affinity for fire magic. Quientessential wanderer and outsider due to physical deformities (horns). Hates zealotry and dogmatism and overanalyzes to the point of paralysis.
Belrack CG Half-Elf Rogue 3 None Working the locals for personal status growth A spoiled noble elf from down south somewhere.
BingBangBong CN Goblin Bard/Rogue None Setting up street music stages, and busking for entertainment and junk Bald heavy metal singer and trash percussion musician.
Bjorn Ulricson CG Werebear Cavalier/Inquisitor Warden Helping the Magister with law creation The only black man in the village, and also a werebear, super non-violent. Desires to turn everyone to lycanthropy because he feels like it would be a better society.
Bobbo Sploderson CG Alchemist Mekkfellow Royal Engineer Crafting Machines and Gadgets Inept Middle child in an alchemist family that never got much attention, channeled it into his studies but was still bad. So basically a shut in nerd that sucks at his hobbies. Has a bowl cut.
Dan Helm NG Fighter None Working on construction Twin Weapon Smith who was working for Lazlo in Towering Oaks before the dragon attack.
Issna LG Female Draconian Paladin (Racist) Magister Working on equal distribution of resources White dragon with Chilling blue eyes, worships the northern lights claiming they are evidence of draconic superiority. Idiot runt of the litter that was raised by outcast orcs so has a hate-on for the higher class, particularly elves and capitalist noble dwarves. Not overtly racist but full of micro-aggressions.
Jackie Boy CG Dwarven Drunken Monk Treasurer Working on the pear farm, Building capital for his brewery Fat drunken dwarf. Fought in the war for whichever faction paid him the best so he could spend it in booze. Travelled the world looking for rare liquor and ingredients, and has decided to set up his own microbrewery up north.
Joseph Olasteen LN Human Archivist of the Sun High Priest Converting peasants to sun god Overzealous priest who steals donation money for his own gain.
Klaus Ulricson NG Human Barbarian Royal Diplomat Helping out around town, being a good dude. Bisexual enormous brute of a man; is a local who got involved at the crash site. Kind of a surfer bro, super helpful.
Max Steele LG Human Paladin Municipal Enforcer Assisting conversion to sun god True Believer of the Sun God
Rayik Lothar N Human Ranger (Ecoterrorist) None Hunting and using downtime to build a woodland shack Loner, anti-social, despises the rise of industrialization and moved up north to preserve nature and stymie progress
Stan Helm NG Fighter None Working on construction Twin Armour Smith who was working for Lazlo in Towering Oaks before the dragon attack.
Zord Landriel LG Elven Fighter General Training the army with Argos Weapon master and trains people and believes himself superior to all other fighters.
Not Met Yet
Stan Silvertongue Half-Elf, Face None Unassigned, performing possibly A slim attractive half elf, long silver hair and striking blue eyes. Constantly tapping on things in rhythm, makes small talk constantly and is an exuberant extrovert.
Lentz Schmidt Half-Orc Knight None Building his smithy or working it Well built, young half-orc with pitch black hair and an arrogant proud bearing
Freja Hunstman Human Tracker (Inquisitor/Ranger) None Rooting out corruption An intense, ordered, quiet individual. Single minded in her quarry and to the point.
Kawwrl Tengu Pirate/Performer (Bard/Swashbuckler) None Performing Blue-Black crow man, over the top personality, constant charmer and storyteller.

Kingdom Details

Map Details

Map in Progress 1


7060 (Need Expansion)
6960 (White Wolf Woods)
7061 (Need to do, Southern forest next to dead marsh)
7062 (Need to do, Southern Mosquito marsh)
7063 (Need to do, Southern hills, location of abandoned barn, Yeti, and possible crash site)


Hex Template
6859 (Fill out Ogre House and Ankheg Lair)
6860 (Blink Dog Woods)
6959 (Need to do, lakeside plains)
7159 (Naga Wetlands)
7160 (Hydra Marsh)
7162 (Undead Dwarf Lair)

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Diplomatic Missions with Court Intrigue
Full on Pitched Battles and Large Scale Conflict
Game of Thrones style campaign


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