Explored: No
Exploration Time: 3 days (Survival DC 21)
Claimed: No
Prep Cost/Time: 4 BP/3 Months (Extra time due to how overgrown it is)
Terrain: Forest
Terrain Feature: Difficult
Special: Area is infused with Fey magic, anything from that school gets a +2 caster level bonus.
Brief Description: An old growth deciduous forest.

Detailed Description: Tall trees pack this dense forest with a thick undergrowth. A hint of fey magic plays through the air, glimmering lights dancing just at the edge of your vision, and the trees seem to press in on you barring deeper movement making each step a challenge.

Flora and Fauna: Blink Dog packs hunt down small rabbits, teleporting through trees to snatch them unawares.

Misc Details: A survival DC 25 check to search the forest could find a bag of leprechaun gold.

Difficult: Survival DCs to avoid getting lost +5.

Tree falling: Anyone in the path of a falling tree must make a DC 14 Reflex save to leap clear or take 3d6 points of damage. Fallen trees can block routes, but travelers can usually climb over the trees, which measure anywhere from 5 to 20 feet in diameter. Fallen trees can, however, block river travel and require travelers to abandon their boats or to drag them out of the river and portage them around the obstruction.

Random Encounters

d% Result
01-15 Falling Tree
16-50 No Encounter
51-60 Serious Storm (Lightning Strikes cause fire)
61-80 Encounter Blink Dog Hunting Pack
81-90 Encounter Leprechaun Follows the party and plays tricks on them, trying to discern their intent.
91-100 Encounter Treant named Mossburt