6960 (White Wolf Woods)

Explored: No
Exploration Time: 2 days (Survival DC 16)
Claimed: No
Prep Cost/Time: 4 BP/ 2 Months
Terrain: Forest
Terrain Feature: Resource - Plentiful Fruit Trees
Special: When built on, -1 Consumption to Kingdom; can build a farm here despite usual restrictions for 4 BP.
Brief Description: Open, airy, pleasant forest.

Detailed Description: This woodland is open with pleasant flat ground between thriving pear trees. Small insects buzz and flick around, drawn to the sweet scent of spoiling fruit mixed with honeysuckle below the trees, and deer dart between thin birch trees just out of bow range keeping a close eye on your travels.

Flora and Fauna: Plentiful pear trees, Deer are plentiful, drawn to the pears and odd apple tree for feeding. Birch trees, and honeysuckle shrubs also common. The odd singular pseudodragon lives in these woods, subsisting off of insects, small rodents, and birds. This is also a known hunting ground for Laiko the winter wolf and his pack of Worgs, wolves, and coyotes.

Misc Details:

Special: Survival Checks to get along in the wild gain a +5 bonus from plentiful food.

Random Encounters

d% Result
01-50 No Encounter
51-60 Monsoon, forces party to stop travelling for the day as it's impossible to see more than 10 feet out from them in the thick rain.
61-80 Deer herd of about 15 runs into the party, escaping a pack of 5 large coyotes led by a Winter Wolf (Use [* https://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/animals/canines/wolf/ Wolf] Stats) (Already run)
81-90 Party stumbles into a patch of Brambles, triggering an attack from a nearby Dire Badger who thinks they're easy prey.
91-100 A Pseudodragon perches on a tree staring the party down. Perception DC 19 to see it.


D6/M1/Y1 AC - The exploration party ran into a pack of coyotes chasing after a herd of deer. Though they were trampled by the deer Rayik managed to calm the coyotes down, and caught sight of a bear sized white wolf in behind them directing their movements. A pseudodragon nearby, intrigued by their non-violent approach, started following the party and eventually revealed itself to Rayik who took it on as a travelling companion/Animal Companion.
Jackie Boy has decided that he wants to set up an orchard here and farm the pears to make booze.
D9/M1/Y1 AC - Rayik meets the great Winter Wolf Laiko who he makes a non-aggression pact with after leading a trial hunt of a herd of deer. A possible unicorn named Elasthriel identified by Inero the Pseudodragon.