7060 (Landfall)

Explored: No
Exploration Time: 1 day (Survival DC 14)
Claimed: No
Prep Cost/Time: 1 BP/Immediate
Terrain: Plains
Terrain Feature: Lair - Grindylow (Cleared)
Special: Once claimed, +1 Stability; if fort/watchtower built on it, +1 defense.
Brief Description: Home Square, where airship crashed.

Detailed Description: A wide open plain, largely featureless save for a moderate sized hill and a wide trench cut out by the airship crash. The land slowly slopes down towards the north where it meets up with a massive lake or possible inland sea. The waterfront is water swept sandy beach for the majority of it's length. Along the eastern beach a cave system has been carved into the side of the beach front from the waves over time, and then expanded by the Grindylow which inhabited them until the crash.

Flora and Fauna: Not much outstanding vegetation in this area but there are plenty of scattered berry bushes, fruit trees, and small game animals. Octopi and crabs are common to find along the beach as well as plentiful trout and bass in the lake itself.

Misc Details: Joseph Olasteen has claimed the hill to the east of the crash as a holy site to the Sun which he worships, claiming that the crash was a divine intervention and that the east side of the hill was meant to be where he held religious services.