7063 (Crash Site - Tail Section)

Explored: No
Exploration Time: 1 days (Survival DC 16)
Claimed: No
Prep Cost/Time: 2 BP/ 1 Month (Good spot for Quarry, -1 BP to creation of one)
Terrain: Hills
Terrain Feature: Crashed Airship Section
Special: An abandoned Barn
Brief Description: Rolling medium height hills with a strong lean towards steep hills and cliff faces.

Detailed Description:

Flora and Fauna: Bison roam in small herds of 10-20, their numbers diminished by Yeti and survivor hunting recently. Around the steeper cliffs Mountain Lions hunt rabbits and occasionally attack moose who may wander out of the nearby swamps.

Misc Details: The group on site hasn't left due to being preyed upon by local dwarves, whom appear to be undead. They have determined they're coming from a lair in 7162 but they haven't been able to both survive and leave the airship long enough to attack.

Personnel on Site

Stan Silvertongue (Believed to be Belrack's Valet)
Lentz Schmidt
Freja Huntsman

Loot on Site

50 units of Goods in reclaimed material and tools
20 units of labor from laborers retrieved
20 units of Magic from Boiler Room (Requires an Engineering/Disable Device/Profession check to break down for full amount; DC 25, -1 Magic for every point below 20)
5 BP Worth of Structural Wood and Iron

4x Light Horse (Riding Mares)
2x Heavy Horse (Stallion)
4x Draft Horse (Mares)
1x Bull
5x Cows
Worg Mount (Belongs to Lentz Schmidt)
A dozen domesticated pet cats
A Goblin Dog named "Gibbles"
A riding cat, a black female Lion who was very friendly with Stan Silvertongue, and who Belrack remembers as being named Nessa.
There were chickens but they were eaten by a fox recently.

Bobbo's Alchemical Lab
Bobbo's Special Wrench - +1 Thundering Heavy Mace
Airship Captain's Uniform and +1 Cutlass
2x Heavy Ballista with 40 Bolts
4x Cannon Siege Engines with 40 Cannon Balls
Alchemical Engine Components (Most destroyed in the explosion but some can be salvaged to create a smaller version)
500 lbs of Balloon Silk which has been collected to be repurposed into sheets and clothing.

Fancy Furniture from Captain's Quarters; Namely a gold and teak wood dining table and 2 matching chairs, silverware, and a king sized canopy bed with giant cave spider silk sheets. Several bookshelves made of solid mahogany, with many books on the shelves. Most are pertaining to the northern climate and bestiaries, some airship engineering manuals, a treatise on naval combat, and a few tomes of old poetry. A matching desk has a secret drawer (search DC 22) inside that holds a mwk flintlock pistol and a silver necklace with a pendant of silver, emerald, and diamond resembling an open eye (Worth at least 2,000 gp on it's own, it radiates an aura of divination magic; provides a constant Know Direction effect, 3/day it allows the use of Clairvoyance, and 1/day can cast See Invisibility) and a pair of loose diamonds, each worth no less than 5,000 gp.
A Masterful Painting of the Airship, which is referred to as the Storm Dragon. It appears to have been a combination of a Alchemical Dragon and a balloon mounted Airship

A jewelled dagger with a silver dwarven helmet carved out of the pommel, small onyx gems set in the eye sockets. (This is Argos' dagger, taken from the noble boy he beat to near death)

Special: Survival Checks to get along in the wild gain a +5 bonus from plentiful food.

Random Encounters

d% Result
01-50 No Encounter
91-100 A yeti hunting party


D1/M1/Y1 AC - The airship tail section crashes here.