7159 - Naga Wetlands

Explored: No
Exploration Time: 3 days (Survival DC 15)
Claimed: No
Prep Cost/Time: 8 BP/3 Months
Terrain: Marsh
Terrain Feature: Monster Lair (Green Naga)
Special: Once claimed, +1 Stability; if fort/watchtower built on it, +1 defense.
Brief Description: A mangrove swamp to the east of the airship crash.

Detailed Description: Thick knee height bog water covers this marsh, with rotting trees bobbing languidly through the muck. Vines hang from tree branches passively hazarding anyone who isn't paying attention as they trudge onwards. Frogs sit atop muck and stare as you pass, jumping away if started towards and disappearing below the impenetrable brown waste. The smell of rot and the acrid tang of poisonous flora hangs heavy in the air. The tree bark grows darker as you move on towards the center of the swamp, where the clean water from the lake flows in and spreads into the wetlands.

Exploration DC: Survival 15 to find the Hag den, which is built into a mound of moss, dirt, and woven tree roots.

Flora and Fauna: Populated by massive deadly frogs and a green hag den which occasionally disguises itself and lures men from the encampment into her swamp.

Misc Details:


d% Result
01-50 No Encounter
51-60 Heat Wave
61-80 Encounter Poisonous Frog Swarm
81-90 Encounter Killer Frog Pack
91-100 Encounter Grindylow riding a Giant Dire Frog

Naga Lair

Poisonous Frog
Killer Frog
Giant Dire Frog
Green Hag