Explored: No
Exploration Time: 1 days (Survival DC 16)
Claimed: No
Prep Cost/Time: 2 BP/ 1 Month
Terrain: Hills
Terrain Feature: Dwarven Ruined Stronghold (Tomb of Immortal Terror)
Brief Description: Rolling medium height hills with a strong lean towards steep hills and cliff faces.

Detailed Description: The plant life here shows signs of corruption and decay, no birds chirp in the trees, and even the sounds of insects are sparse. Hills roll gently across the landscape before dropping adruptly down to a river running north to south, cutting sharply through the hills, and a stone bridge across it leads to an ominous stone doorway.

Flora and Fauna: Gorilla Bear Guardian In front of the gate to the stronghold.

Misc Details:
Stronghold name is on the door, it reads "Orist Narakkir-Nubikke" which is "Tomb of Immortal Terror" in Northdwarf. A linguistics check DC15 will reveal it has similarities to dwarven, which will return the phrase "Grave of Long Scares".

Special: Until the dungeon has been cleared, anything that dies within 1km of it's entrance has a 25% chance of coming back to life within 1d6 rounds; this includes body parts that are cut off, which manifest as either
a Crawling Hand (If a hand or foot), Zombie Head if a head, or a swarm of parts (Use a Rat Swarm as a template) for an indeterminate mass of gross parts.

Random Encounters

d% Result
01-30 No Encounter
31-45 Crawling Hand
46-60 Giant Crawling Hand
61-80 Zombie Mob
81-90 Vampire Spawn
91-100 Vampire Spawn Mob (1d4 Spawn)

Crawling Body Part Swarm