Gaia is an extremely powerful, Omnipotent and Omniscient god; unfortunately, it is also unclear if he does truly exist. Worshippers of Gaia generally fit into one of the several religions described below and clerics choose their domains from those available to the appropriate religion.

Religions of Gaia

Saviors of the Dying God


These extremists believe that Gaia is dying. The recent wave of new gods is evidence that the World God is slowly bleeding out. Once a certain amount of gods are ascended using up Gaia's essence, Gaia will cease to exist and then the world will catastrophically end.
To avert this catastrophe the Saviors believe that the gods must be eliminated, and their essence returned to Gaia. They frequently practice living sacrifices in the name of Gaia, returning their sacrifices energy to the world god. There are several rumored plots against the lives of Gods which the Saviors are apparantly carrying out, and more than one dead god is rumored to have been killed as part of an assassination plot dreamt up by the Saviors.

Game Stats

Gaia is a unique god in that he is assumed to be all powerful. He does not have any clear stats, and it can be assumed that he possesses any and all Salient Divine abilities, unlimited porfolio sense and no limit to his range of control over material and planar realms. If the whim struck him, he could even affect other god's realms with impunity, although this is nigh-unheard of