Game 2 Session 1 Archived Plan

Session will begin with the party on a wagon ride to Towering Oaks, on a frigid monday morning, the 1st of March 1446OB.
The party's first impression as they pull into town is one of ramshackleness. The town seems just thrown together, with a few permanent wooden buildings in the center of town, with everything else being small sheds, rough apartment buildings and communal barracks. As the wagon pulls into the center of town to drop them off the driver, a young teamster by the name of Smiling Ivan who's been driving with you this way, explains what he knows of the town from his trips in from Wintersmith.
"To the south here we have the militia and town guard shack, though it's not really much of a militia to speak of; a couple of townsmen gather up once a week to practice with wooden swords or axes and chug back a few beer after. They've gotten a bit more serious with the recent raids, but they're still just lumberjacks and teamsters. The town guard is a bit more professional, but they're on Malchai's payroll and so they pretty much just protect his interests and don't really go out of their way if they can help it."
"Speaking of Malchai, his general store is in the center of town and I reckon he'll be one of the first you'll meet, seeing as how he fancies himself mayor and wants to keep it that way. He also owns the stables nearby if you need to stable your horses or buy one for an excursion you're planning."
"The other bigwigs in town are Rianna Woodsman, the leader of the Woodsman's guild here in town; of course rumors say she's a Red because of her union work, but I don't think so, Reds are a lot more radical. The old dwarf Dagvo owns the Old Oak Keg across from the general store, being a retired soldier he's the default Marshal in town and he's the one to train the militia on their training days, seeing as how he has the skills and the booze to keep them motivated. Then of course we have Bessa Onehorn; hard to miss that one. She's a tough old Minotaur who escaped Giant slavery to come up here and open up the lumbermill that's up in the north part of town. Now Bessa, having been a slave, is a vocal supporter of the Red Keys' recent activities and will not abide any talk of slavery in town. Because of that she's on the good side of Red sympathizers, but she's trying to make coin just the same as any of us and isn't full Red."
"Anyway, here's your stop. And look, just as predicted, here's Malchai to meet you. Watch yourself with that one, he'll squeeze every ounce of gold out of you he can and you'll thank him with a smile afterwards."

"Hello Mal! Brought you some fresh faces!" Shouts the wagon driver as the wagon rumbles to a halt.

You're greeted by a thin, well dressed, precise man flanked by two bored members of the town guard standing ready to take your things for you.
"Welcome honored guests!" Malchai exclaims "I am so very relieved that the Silvercloaks sent you. Though I am to understand you are not full fledged members, you've gained a bit of renown for your service in the war, and so I'm very eager to make use of your skills. We are in dire need of some experienced individuals to help take care of a few issues that have arisen as of late to ensure our town's healthy growth, and I'm sure you'll perform admirably, allowing our council to send off our monthly assessments to the Silvercloaks in good conscience."
"Men, please grab their things and follow us as we show our guests to their apartment. Now gentlemen, I was told you were briefed on the agreed upon arrangements, but so as to prevent dispute I will reiterate them for both our benefits. You will not be paid by the town for the services the council requests of you, your fees are being paid to the Silvercloaks as dues for your membership and to cover expenses, though you will be of course permitted to keep any and all materials you come across during the performance of said duties. If you have a problem with any contract the council issues you, time permitting, you may appeal it with the Silvercloak foundation's appeals court with your reasoning for refusing or failing our request; though I doubt this will be a problem. Town council jobs come first and foremost, as each of these must be submitted for review by the Silvercloaks these will not be frivolously doled out. Because of this you should have time to perform extracurricular jobs in your spare time to make coin for your personal use. I recommend working at the lumbermill or in the woods, Bessa is a fair boss, or I could hire one of you on to train my guardsmen. As for your lodging; your stay will be covered in your Silvercloak fees, so I have a moderately sized apartment in the Founder Estates set aside for you, which we are going to now. I've also arranged to have your meals served at The Keg daily for free, though if you want anything fancy you'll have to throw Dagvo a few coins."
"On the issue of coin, I should warn you that this town is a metals only settlement. Immigrants from Ossia may try and pay for your services with that garbage paper currency they're printing now, but I have none of it. If you have any on your person I recommend trading it off with a recent immigrant, or someone who values it, as soon as possible, before you can't trade it for a pot to piss in. My family in Azure Peak almost went bankrupt because they trusted in that trash to hold value and leased their property to the government for it just before inflation went through the roof. Daft fools."
"And here we are gentlemen. I bid you farewell for now. I must ask before I go that you designate one of you to be your party clerk; for the purposes of reviewing Silvercloak paperwork and signing off on it before it's sent in as well as sitting in on Town Council meetings. The council sits every Sunday afternoon, any are welcome to join in.

First Encounter

Mounted Elven Raider x5 with spears, x2 with longbows
Stag Lord x1

The raiding party bursts into town, spearing down anyone caught in the open, the two archers shooting anyone within 100 ft inside windows or the like. The Stag Lord rides in the center, with shackles jangling at his mount's sides. If anyone survives their first hit he throws them up onto the back of his horse and rides off with them. He will engage targets closing with him with his longbow as well.

Round 1

Notice check DC 20 to hear hoofbeats and get to a window in time for it not to be a surprise round
The raiders burst in from the north, riding in an inverted V, spearing anyone they catch in the open while the archers in behind the flanks shoot stragglers. The Stag Lord knocks Ivan unconscious and grabs him.