Game Story


Rob Someone and Moe jumped through the portal together, last of the party, and when the party comes to, they are nowhere to be seen.

Session 1: The Journey Begins, Again… Again.

This time they're BEAR-Naked.
The players drop out onto the stone floor of a bizarre inverted summoning circle, deep within a cave. As they peer out they find that they are deep within the Desert, and from the skeletons littering the cave and the writing on the walls, it is Jubruq territory.

The party quickly comes to the realization that they have no food or water, and no clothing, although Smokey seems to revel in this fact. It appears the monk may still not have completely regained his senses, repeated resurrections have taken their toll on his mental stability. They start trekking to the west towards a billowing ash cloud which denotes the volcano town of Flameberth, which Smokey remembers as a small meeting point and trading hub for the desert tribes.

On the way there they encounter a freak rainstorm which lasts for just over an hour, which helps them cope with the heat and rehydrate. About a half day's trek after that they find a small oasis which is being frequented by an androsphinx at the time. Smokey approaches the Sphinx, asks permission to join him at the oasis, and if possible fly one of them to Flameberth or to find a caravan. The sphinx agrees, and flies with Smokey on his back, but with a day of searching outwards finds no sign of a caravan. They fly back to the Oasis that night and spy tracks which denote a small party of raiders had slipped their notice and is approaching the party's camp. As they fly in closer they see that the caravan appears to be part of the tribe The Gray Ones, mummy worshipping half-undead.

A dozen of the riders with the raiders start charging towards the oasis, securing it before the noncombatants get there, unawares that the party lays in ambush. Smokey lands atop the largest wagon and attempts to persuade the caravan to take them along with them, but the guard whom he was talking to only stalls him so that their patron mummy, The Black Monk could attack him from behind. Smokey spots the mummy and screeches, running away as fast as he could, even passing the riders, half of whom had slipped on Sha-Caw's grease spell. The mummy begins flying towards the party as Riler runs out to engage the riders with his warhammer and Sha-caw prepares a spell. The mummy strikes Riler with a sunbeam, as the half-orc smashes down several of the guards. Sha-caw preys on the Mummy's fire vulnerability and shoots it with 2 scorching rays, dropping it to near death. Sensing that the more impending threat is the mage, the Mummy then begins to cast Earthquake which would swallow up Sha-Caw and Smokey, most likely killing them, but he is cut-off by Riler's thrown warhammer catching him square in the face and killing him outright. The party then commandeers the spare horses, the large wagon, it's contents, and begin the trek back to Flameberth as the caravan's new masters.

XP Gained: 900 xp for mummy fight. XP Calculator
CP Gained: John gets 25 CP for the incredibly unlikely hammer throw, Caleb gets 25CP for keeping his character sheet uploaded with the loot, which makes it easier for me to keep track of it.

Name Class Player Beginning XP Session End XP
Sha-Caw Elan Wizard Caleb 28,550 29,450
Symphony Elf Cleric Haley 28,350 29,250
Riler Varies John 27,850 28,750
Smokey Human Monk Bert 28,100 29,000

Session 2