Gaston Warfield

Gaston Warfield

Name: Gaston Alignment: Neutral Deity: Unknown
Homeland: Unknown Race:Human Class: Fighter Size: Medium Gender: Male Age: 32
Height: 5'11'' Weight: 220 Hair: Bald Eyes: Brown

A big muscular man donning full plate armor, standing in at 5'11'' and weighing 220 pounds, Gaston is a mysterious man that no one knows very much about, not even his biggest rival Aywin Vanvir. Aywin Vanvir's biggest rival in the hunt and a thorn in his side. Gaston leads a group of so called "warriors" called the Killers. If it were not for Gaston the men of the Killers would probably already be dead. Individually the members of the Killers are not very well trained aside from Gaston nor are they well equipped. But time and time again they have managed to beat Aywin in the hunt. That ends now!

However before being the leader of the Killers, Gaston's story starts a little more quietly. Being the owner of a tavern in a small village at the age of 21 Gaston had never planned on being a bounty hunter, however as stories go, things are never as they seem. Gaston had been working away at his tavern when the local guards came to collect there fees, Gaston was given 3 days and 3 nights to come up with the necessary funds. If he was unable to produce the necessary gold not only would his tavern be taking away, but possibly his life. You see the guards didn't care much for Gaston or his tavern. The tavern brought a lot of interesting characters to there village and at times a lot of trouble the guards preferred not to deal with. Unsure of what to do, Gaston turned to the patrons of his tavern, asking for the peoples to pay their tabs and help him retain his bar. Overhearing the conversations that Gaston had been having with his patrons over the past day and a half, a group of travellers that called themselves the Killers, offered him to leave his old life behind and pledge himself to the group. They explained to him that they could secure him passage on a ship that was to set sail the morning of the day that the guards would be around to collect their gold. After explaining to Gaston that the primary focus of the group was making their way from town to town robbing the peoples, Gaston was very uneasy and unsure if he could do what they were asking of him. Sadly out of options and time Gaston decided the best course of action would be to join the group of rag tag warriors.

The morning came that they were to depart on the ship, as they made their way to the docks they could see that the ship had already been seized by the guards. Unknown to the group at the time but they had a rat within their ranks. Seeing the group approaching the guards charged at them. Not versed in the art of sword fighting Gaston hid behind a barrel as the guards and the Killers fought tooth and nail to the end. When it was all over all but 1 of the groups members had survived, with the ship now secure for passage the men were on there way.

To be continued….
Gaston Warfield and the Killers