The World - Aterra

Iconic Cities

Will attempt to make stat sheets for cities as per Kingmaker rules
Azure Peak - The stronghold of the group of heroes responsible for taking down the Tarrasque and ending the war.
TwinPeaks - An industrial giant in The Razoin Peaks
King's Crossing - Major trade hub of Ossia.
Silver Falls - A treetop city built around a mountain waterfall.
Golamn - A Mekkfellow city in The Honored South in which the buildings are all steam powered golems.
Ruinport - A massive rusted out ancient port, with many examples of advanced technology, diseases , insanity, and mutated feral beasts.
Towering Oaks - Ossian Frontier town, was the site of ascension for a party of demi-gods. Has become a pilgrimmage of sorts in recent time.

Continent of Caanas

Ossia - The home nation of the players. A largely industrial/commercial nation. Has recently begun to militarize in response to threats of war from their neighbour Grandia. Mostly Human, but has a smattering of all races living within it. A couple of metallic dragons have sided with rulers in the nation. One city's mayor is in fact an actual dragon.
Inspiration: Idealized Western Society, Democratic England

  • Ostivakia - Idependant Dwarven Communist City-State in Ossia. Used to be a mining town called Golden Hills, declared itself an independant state after riots led by their hero Lady Osta Blackhand.

Grandia - The militaristic eastern neighbour of Ossia. Composed mainly of humans, but also large amounts of Half-Orcs and Orcs. The army is disciplined human legions with Gnoll cavalry mercenaries from the southern deserts. Shock troops of goblinoids, dragonspawn, ogres and giants also supplement their ranks. A colossal red dragon and it's black dragon mate rule over the country.
RL Inspiration: Ancient Mongols

Xalliman - To the north-west of Ossia, a peaceful magical nation comprised mainly of Gnomes and Elves. Is plagues by Aberrations like Beholders and Illithids which live in the underdark below them. The aberrations have started to appear in growing numbers in Ossia, which indicates that they may have been tunneling in that irection.
RL Inspiration: Fantastical Druidic Ireland and the Norse

Infernia - A large ice-covered country to the north, across the mountain range and the glacier. It's citizens are known for necromancy and devil binding. The Drow are Infernia's subterannean citizens, driven underground by the cold. Patrolling the Arctic Tundra aboveground are the sinister nomadic Halfling tribes of the North, and the Shifters and Lycanthropes. Humans and Dwarves form more permanent settlements, and more often than not, include tieflings in their ranks from frequent devil-mortal coupling.
Inspiration: The inuit lifestyles coupled with the drow cities of the Forgotten Realms.

The Scorching Wastes - A tribal desert wasteland, loosely ruled over by one governing neutral authority in the gathering point trade-city of FlameBerth, and it's sovereign Reagant Fracas. Major races in the wastes are the Jubruq, Orcs, Gnolls, Scorpionfolk and Humans and Elves. Other races can be found but are usually in smaller more isolated tribes, or have migrated to Flameberth, or live the nomadic lifestyle with no actual land to call their own.
Inspiration: Afghanistan, Egypt, Pathfinder's Cinderlands

The Unknown North - Across the mountain range to the north is a savage land ruled over by monstrous beasts. Very little is known about that part of the continent. It is a boreal temperate climate similar to that of Canada.

The Razoin Peaks - A nation carved into the mountain range along the south of Grandia which connects the continent of Caanas to the South Eastern Continent of Anaruk. The landbridge which connects the two continents is a perilously high expanse of stone which spans a rushing river of water akmost a full mile wide. This natural stone bride is called The Razoin Canal and is the only land route between the two continents. Deep within the peaks there is a protected tropical valley, similar to Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World. The Razoin Peaks are home to the chaotic tribes of the Goliaths, the Ibixians and the Slaad.

Brigandole - The Bandit Nation - Founded by a mismatched group of malcontents during the war. The nation was created just a few years ago and is a haven for all manner of refugees, criminals, deserters, pirates and bandits. The land used to belong to Ossia and Grandia both, and they wish it back, but also like to use the lawless nature of the territory to their advantage as a perfect stepping off point for their spies.

Ndertula - The Terrible Jungle - A super wet jungle nation south of Xalliman which harbors some terrible secrets. Monsters which came aground from Ruinport and spread through the Cursed Lands push inland and infest the jungle, as well as ancient machinery which has long-since lost it's purpose.

Anaruk The Frontier Continent

This is south-east from Caanas, and is joined to the continent by The Razoin Canal. It has only recently seen civilized races attempting to settle it, and does not have any long-standing nations. One town which dominates the north-western borders of the continent was settled by pirates and maintains a government ruled in their traditions. This town, Freeport, is the main trading hub by sea.
Inspiration: Stormreach, The Wild West

Other Continents

Gigantes - The largest country in this setting, holds a large Island country to itself, and is looking to expand it's territory with a naval invasion. It's unclear what their target will be, but signs point to Ossia, as it is almost directly north across the Green Sea from them. Is ruled by the Giants with various slave races beneath them. Their society is very caste based and has a strict hierchy. Inspiration: Classic Imperial Rome at it's height

Aiuran - The kingdom of light. A floating nation, living above the ocean in an ascended floating island. All manner of flying beast inhabit the avian country, but it's main citizens are the Avariels, Sun Elves and Raptorans. Gargoyles are a constant as well. A number of Dragons, particularly gold, call this country home. They revel in the magical might required to accomplish such a feat.
Inspiration: Atlantis

Tropicantis - A tropical archipelago, to the southwest of Caanas, is a mixture of Tropical and Aztec themes. Is inhabited mainly by Lizardfolk, and has a reputation for piracy.
Inspiration: The Lhazaar Principalities from Eberron and the Mayans and Aztecs.

The Honored South - Southern Oriental nation that lives alongside dinosaurs, a combination of Japanese culture and the savage land. There has been very little contact between the Honored South and the mainland, further complicated by the language barrier as their common language is different.
The Nation is built upon extremely ancient ruins of an ancient ancestor race which the humans, Dwarves, gnomes and halflings appear to have descended from. As such there are deep hidden ruins which are filled with advanced magical and technological artifacts from a bygone era. It is from one of these ruins that the Gnomes of The Honored South plundered the technology they used to create the Warforged.
Inspiration: Feudal Japan mixed with a bit of the Steam Punk Genre and Dinotopia. Very Turok-y.

The Ruined Land - A very ancient small continent, it's land is covered in advanced technology that has become decrepit with age. The natural magic of the planet has slowly seeped back into this land which once abandoned magic in favor of science, and the results are nothing short of catastrophe. Abominations rove long-standing skyscrapers, and mad tribes of humanoids live on scavenged material.
This continent is far away from the main masses, south-east of The Honored South. Only a handful of people have ever been ashore here and survived to relate their tales, and they never punched into the interior.
Out of Game - This continent was once a thriving advanced civilization, but they were highly machiavellian, and lacked any sort of ethics. As such they created many technological advances that we would consider a horrendous affront to god. One bioweapon that they created, wiped out, or mutated, the majority of their race, and the rest either descended into savagery, fled the planet, or fled for foreign shores.
Inspiration: Mad Max, Resident Evil, Fallout, Bioshock

The Far Side of the World

Far across a wide ocean, on the side of the planet, is the land of mystery. There are a number of continents, which have been long settled. Contact with this side of the world is very very rare, as a voyage there would take many months at sea.

Also good names for nations/cities; Grenova, Ndertula, Kaulo, Kavartu, Dotular

Minor Villages

Stonebridge - A tiny village that revolves around a small creek leading into a lake and then larger river.
Drunsbury - Farming Village