Gigantes is a massive continent, with varied terrain and beautifully crafted cities. The country is ruled over by the many races of Giants and their land is worked by the subjugated races the Giants conquered.


Gigantes is a combination Monarchy/Theocracy. Their king is a powerful purple-skinned Storm Giant named Zalathon, who has ascended to a rank 5 Demigod of storms. The land is split up into several prefects, which are governed over by their Lords. As well there is a Council of Giantkind, which convenes annually under the supervision of the king, composed of 2 representatives from each race of Giant. This council's purpose is to ensure that each race stays within it's appropriate place in society.


Giant society is largely based on old world Rome; however, with the recent influx of Old-One lore it has taken on a bit of a Cthulu vibe as well, especially in remote villages and deep within the cities.


The style of architecture in Gigantes is very romanesque in appearance, although obviously everything is giant-sized. Most structures incorporate smaller entranceways and living structures for the slaves. Columns and cobblestones are very common, and white marble and slate is prevalent in most buildings. Gemstones are abundant and there are many wonderful scupltures, as the Giants prize sculpture as one of the most skilled of the arts.

Types of Giants Living in Gigantica

Cloud Giant
Fire Giant
Frost Giant
Hill Giant - Hill Giants are the lowest of the giants, they are barely above the slaves, and in fact are often respected less than their slaves. They generally work as Slave overseers and are generally pushed around by the rest of the country.
Stone Giant
Storm Giant

Slaves of the Giants

Minotaur - These were some of the first to be conquered by the oppressive Giants. They fill the hard labor portion of Giant society, working the fields, building their ships and hauling their goods.
Kenku - A recent addition to the ranks of slaves within the Giants, the Spy-Slaves. They actually hold a somewhat enviable position of status among the slaves, holding the most freedom of them all, being sent out into the world on intelligence gathering missions and lore-delves. It has even been rumoured that a particularly benevolent Giant master would grant his Kenku loredelver freedom if he was brought a suitably notable piece of information, although it is equally likely that the Kenku would be killed to protect the secret. As such most Kenku are decadent, morose and grim, expecting to die at any point either by their master's hand or a trap or assassin, so many choose to live as extravagantly as they can.
Elan - Used by Giant Alienists as ritual sacrifice to call their profane Old One masters. Giants are not naturally psionic, and the Old Ones seem to only have a connection to natural psionics, although the experience usually leaves the psion responsible for calling/talking to them quite insane.