Nature of Divinity

New Gods
Name Description Domains Favored Weapon
Gaia The Planet personified / /
Morgan A demigod who assumed the mantle of godhood when his father, The Holglen, gave it up. He is the god of tricksters, illusion and magic users; as well as the patron saint of half-breeds. Good, Trickery, Charm, Community Wand or Ray
Huld God of Tradesman and Labor Hammer or Pick
Rommon God of Battle and Tactics, worshiped by Generals. Portrayed as a uniformed tactical genius, similar to Patton or Winston Churchill. Siege Weaponry
Unnamed God of Martial Skill and Knights; worshiped by anyone who prides themselves on their skills in a fight, tournament or on the field of battle. / Longsword, Rapier, Longbow, Lance
Arablizz The Warring Winds Weather god; A dualistic god, top half looks like a northern bearded viking, bottom half is dark skinned desert tribesman. Represents the changing seasons and varied climate in Ossia, normally paid service to by farmers and frequent travelers. Scimitar, Falchion
Molch God of disease, rot and filth, as well as doctors. As modern medicine conquers disease Molch has slowly taken on the form of a modern doctor. / Scythe
Murph The bad luck god, god of injury and accidental death. Worshiped by vengeful wives, tricksters, insurance salesman or the perpetually unlucky and accident prone. Was a mortal with incredibly bad luck who feared death to the point where he spent millions protecting himself magically from everything he could imagine, before choking to death on a peanut. Often referred to as the Ironic God, and his law is invoked when a particularly ironic tragic event occurs. /
Iris Goddess of political intrigue and spies; usually portrayed as wearing a smiling mask shielding her intentions. A master of doubletalk and corporate maneuvers. Dagger, Dart
Gron Savagery in Battle; most commonly worshipped by Orcs and Barbarians. Mace, Flail, Greatclub, Greataxe
Horatio The Vampire Lord of Undeath. A walking god and fallen paladin, rules a county of undead in the southeast of Ossia. Naturally at war with elves and the Lord of Light crusaders. Is only recently a god, actively worshipped by liches, vampires, and those others who have chosen undeath for themselves as opposed to those who seek to control it. Longsword, Bite
Nell Goddess of whores and hedonism. Whip, Dagger
Shamus God of Drunks and Gamblers, was actually two gods until the old god of gamblers lost his divinity in a drunken bar bet with Shamus. Darts and Unarmed
Lina the pure Goddess of purity; basically the god of clean living who abhors drinking, drugs and magically altered or most prepared foods. Commonly followed by monks and health fanatics. Supposedly ascended by being utterly clean and healthy and achieving a state of complete balance and homeostasis. / Unarmed
Valera Goddess of the hunt, venerates The Hunt as a sport and a way of life. A mortal who used to hunt celestial game for the challenge and became a celebrity, eventually forming the Hunter's Guild which became the Church of the Hunt after her ascension. / Spear, Ranged Weapons
Madame Julia Goddess of Law and Contracts. A construct of Ossian society, venerated by lawyers, judges and businessmen. Utterly neutral and emotionless, enforces contracts and holds written law as sacred. It is said that she holds a copy of every agreement and contract ever taken place. Punishes whose who violate contracts and oath breakers with a righteous wrath; also empowers sheriffs with divine right to uphold the law. Occasionally portrayed as a golden female construct. / Rapier, Spear
Minn God of Music, Legends and Art; a jovial performer God, popular in playhouses and is a celebrity in the Celestial Plane. Lost part of his realm, and a few of his aspects, to a hostile takeover and as a result a lot of his artists turned away from his worship and started producing war related art and music.
Unnamed God of Conquest, Collectors, Order, Greed, Art and Music, Wealth, Nobility and Mythical Beasts; Worshiped by greedy nobles, bloodthirsty conquerors and obsessive collectors, as well as recently any artists and musicians who have a military or violent work. His followers believe everything is their natural birthright and actively seek to gain it; this borders on addiction and hoarding in a lot of cases. Has been on the celestial warpath attacking smaller weaker gods to accumulate as much power as possible; though lately it seems to be without rhyme or reason.

Works in Progress

God of Crime;

Theodric A young god, ascended after a legendary battle in which he sacrificed himself to protect his countrymates in battle. Patron God of Ossia. Sacrifice, Unity, Not determined
Bahodin The noble platinum dragon, god of knights. Good, Protection, Dragon, Nobility Longsword
Zalathon Demigod (Rank 5) of Storms, Storm Giant Immortal king of Gigantes Air, Chaos, Water, Storm Greatsword