Golthaven Negotiations

Goldhaven Adventure

Belrack, Lambert, and Ivy, lead an expedition to the nearest city, which they are told by the recent immigrant merchant and weaver, Hugh Baenor, is Goldhaven. Goldhaven is a city rich in it's namesake ore, gold, and is a fairly young settlement with all the problems associated with it.

Power Groups

Johan's Scree and Salvage (Lower class desperate mining company): Pioneered Gold Extraction using mercury, which has led to a rash of mercury poisoning in their community. This company didn't get access to the mountain itself, but secured the mineral rights of any debris thrown outside the settlement, or panned from the river. As such, the company is very protective of the debris piles, using goblins and poor humans to scrabble through the piles, while hobgoblins provide security on the sites. (Behind the scenes; they are the poorest mining company, and home to the most violent and petty criminals. The leader is nominally a figurehead human Johan Trost; but in actual fact it is his second in command, a southern Hobgoblin commander named Relk who acts as taskmaster and controls the goblin horde of scree pickers.)

Deep Delve Digging (Middle class overseers and slavers): (Slavers who work their slaves to death in the mines, digging ever deeper in rich gold veins. The biggest producers of wholesale gold.) Run by Chief Tomas Canaris.

United Transport Company (Teamsters and Caravans): Born out of a merger between the Shipping, Waggoners, and Teamsters Unions; United Transport is the most organized of the main companies, and is responsible for the majority of legislation in the city at this point. Run by Chief Erlick Waggoner.

Smith and Upton Inc (Smelting, Minting, and Crafting): Formed from a political marriage between Eliza Upton, a wealthy socialite heiress, and Robert Smith, an ambitious pioneer of industry. The Upton's provided Smith with the capital and initial investment to bring his smithing operation to Golthaven when gold was discovered, aiming to beat the competition there and institute a monopoly. What competition in the crafting sector wasn't beat out by the power couple, was bought out, and the final resulting company Smith and Upton Inc dominates the market for manipulating gold; including minting coin for the settlement. There is currently a push from Golthaven to institute the Golthaven Golden Coin, known simply as a Golt, as the gold standard for the region, but is being met with some pushback from other cities and territories who don't want to see Golthaven's influence in the region exceed their abilities to manage. (Forming the elite upper class, this company is a hive of underlying vices and sinful extravagances. Upton and Smith's marriage is not remotely solid, due to it being entirely politically motivated and arranged by her family, but they must keep up appearances for the sake of the company reputation.)

Giltgardian Phalanx (Elite vault and upper level guards):Commander Tully Gartside leads the phalanx, which is responsible for providing security to all high profile targets, and are paid out of a communal tax fund so they do not bear specific allegiance to any one company.

Silver Snakes (Halfling dominated thieves guild): Unaffiliated with any other power structure in town, these thieves live to pilfer from the high society, frequently challenging eachother to more and more daring raids.

Mad Lads (Brute Gang): Driven somewhat mad by constant mercury exposure, the members of this gang are living day to day scrabbling for whatever power or wealth they can grab, and then expending that wealth as quickly as they find it. They typically run protection rackets in the lower levels, prostitution rings, and cheap illicit drugs to miners, slaves, and scree scavengers.
The head of the Mad Lads is Smiling Speck, with his enforcer Reinhald the Toothless.

Church of Eternal Prosperity: A church that has recently gathered more support within the settlement. A lower level shrine has existed for years, paid fealty to by superstitious scavengers hoping to break it big. Eventually the church's practices spread through the rest of the settlement, and the Big Four had a temple built on the middle level for the masses to attend in safety.

Red Dawn Consortium (Elven Magic Wholesalers): Recently the Sun Elf subfaction known as the Red Dawn Consortium has started trading with the settlement in two capacities. Firstly it started bringing in low-grade magical arms and armour to equip their elite soldiers, the Giltgardian Phalanx. Below the surface however they've started making deals with Smith and Upton to bring in southern comforts in the form of drugs and hallucinogenic magical tonics for the noble elite to enjoy surreptitiously.

The head representative of the weapons dealer is Peldur ir'Shahri Aldursol.


Name Organization Description Strength Weakness Secrets
Peldur ir'Shahri Aldursol Red Dawn Consortium