Population: 3,700,000 (30% humans, 15% Orcs, 5% half-orcs, 20% Goblinoids, % halflings, % other)
Exports: Weapons, armor, tools, processed ore, metalwork, lumber, manufactured goods, heavy industry
Languages: Common, Orc, Goblin, Giant, Infernal, Sahuagin (Along Coast)
Government Type: Dictatorship, advised by a council of warchieftains.
Country Theme: A slave/serf-driven economy, very militaristic horde mentality.
National Colors: Blood Red with Black Highlights
National Flag/Crest: A solid red field, A multi-headed Hydra, one for each clan, is in black in the center. The center head wears a crown, and sports a broken tusk, symbolizing that Clans rule.
National Motto: The strong survive.


The militaristic eastern neighbour of Ossia. Composed mainly of humans, but also large amounts of Half-Orcs and Orcs. The army is disciplined human legions with Gnoll cavalry mercenaries from the southern deserts. Shock troops of goblinoids, dragonspawn, ogres and giants also supplement their ranks. A colossal red dragon and it's black dragon mate rule over the country.
Inspiration: Ancient Mongols



Grandia is a dictatorship, first and foremost. It is ruled over with an iron fist by it's king. He is advised by a tribal council made up of the district chiefs, who bring any local concerns to his attention.
The Council of Six is an all-dragon group of "advisors" who basically tell the king what to do. It consists of the five most powerful chromatic dragons, a representative of each color, and a sixth mysterious dragon that stays out of the public eye and apparantly speaks for the goddess Tiamat herself.



Grandian Clans

BrokenTusk Clan - The predominant Orc clan in Grandia. The leader is of the clan, and so most key-officials are tied to the Brokentusks. Keep goblinoids as servants and favor battle prowess and strength.
Stonemeld Clan - A clan of Orcs and minotaurs who worship the land itself and mold the earth and stone to their wishes.
SpiritStalker Clan - A clan of Orcs who are deeply in touch with their ancestors
SteelEater Clan - A bizarre group of fanatical body mutilating orcs and savage races to the north. They decorate their bodies heavily with piercings, and essentially worship metal. Many exotic weapons masters and siege weapons experts come from this land, as well as expertly crafted Golems and other metal monstrosities. Wu Jen of the metal discipline often are found as tribal shamans.
WasteWalker Clan - These creatures live in magically blasted wastelands, plaguelands and disaster areas. They are fond of vermin, and take great pleasure in ruin and decay.
Thunderhoof Clan - The beastriding druid and ranger orcs of the plains, several tauric creatures have pledged allegiance to their tribal flag as well.
ShatteredMind Clan - Masters of madness. This clan is led by a slightly insane, very unique orc, Oruk Twinsoul and his second in command, a beholder Mage. The orcs they command are usually mutated in some way, and their mages are all touched by insanity. All magic cast by these freakish sorcerors is considered Wild Magic and functions in very unpredictable ways.
Fleshwarper Clan - A clan of Lycanthropic monsters as well as dopplegangers and other shapeshifters. Transmutation magic is used quite often, as well as druids who advance into Master of Many Forms or Warshaper prestige classes.
Daemonblood Clan - This clan of Orcs is the most intimidating of them all. They live deep in the mountains, summoning Demons and performing bizarre rituals. They revel in chaos and destruction, and crave power and the oppurtunity for violence. Their chief is actually half-balor.


Ancestral worship is prevalent, as well as shamanism.


Ironfist Keep - Stronghold city. Sister City of the Ossian City Angwar Keep, Industry revolves around the manufacture of Iron goods from iron mined in Flint and other nearby mining outposts.


Flint - Mining Town which has been occupied by Grandian forces as a FOB for espionage activity.
Hellspine Mountain Range - The Mountain range which runs west to east dividing the continent in half. It is this mountain range which houses the great glacier and artic tundra that Infernia lays claim to.
Salt Flats - A desert inhabited by fiercely territorial tribes of Gnolls and Scorpionfolk.
Moradin's Mouth - An active Volcano north of Angwar Keep in the Hellspine mountains,
The Cinderlands - A desert-like scrubland with little to offer but parched earth, grueling heat, and predators. It lays directly above several natural methane deposits which frequently burst and catch flame.
Fire Lake - A perpetual molten lava lake off the mountain range.
- A dormant Volcano Caldera in the frozen mountains which is used as a temple to Tiamat





Flame Riders - A very recognizable Grandian elite cavalry unit.