Grandian Tribe Unification

Date: The story begins in 428 OB, Ossia is still somewhat of a new nation, having been formed by a collective of merchants, their army is largely a mercenary one and Adventurer contracts are a common thing, especially when founding new territory.
Synopsis: Orc child fends off an adventurer attack by descending into the ancestral burial cave and retrieving their sacred Obsidian Spear of Kings, a magical weapon which can change it's shape from a small spear just large enough for a child to wield, to as long as a Knight's lance.
The orc child was known by the name of Tim, given to him by his mother who had been impressed by a travelling southgnome with the name and had seen in a dream that her son would grow to be a wise and unusual orc. True to his mother's dreams Tim grew into an unusually analytical and strategic orc, one who would shun the usual orc strategy of charging into battle in a berzerker fury and instead chose to outwit and outmaneuver his enemies.
The attack took place at age 7 in Tim's life. He takes to wandering for the next 6 years, honing his combat skills and living off the land, eventually finding his childhood friend, Korvauna (A Shamaness), in an Ossian camp as a slave.