Greenthistle Herbs

Oldtown District, off the main road, next to The People's Park. It's back garden spills over into the park's foliage.

The shop is a two-storey building of finely wrought iron, with a slate roof and tall elf-wrought wooden shelves. The air is filled with the scent of perfume and incense.

The shopkeeper is a heavyset male halfling named Elres Nynselw. He was once an adventurer, but retired after defeating the Devil of the Howling Mountains.

Oil of Arcane Mark (cr, 25 gp) - A bubbling oil, contained in a glass bottle.
Oil of Arcane Mark (cr, 25 gp) - This translucent admixture smells fiery.
Oil of Purify Food and Drink (cr, 25 gp) - This bubbling serum causes sparks of red light to appear when used.
Potion of Eagle's Splendor (cr, 300 gp) - A viridian potion, contained in a fragile jar.
Potion of Endure Elements (cr, 50 gp) - A thin emerald admixture, contained in a glass phial with a copper stopper.
Potion of Invisibility (cr, 300 gp) - A viscous azure admixture, contained in a faceted bottle etched with geometric patterns.
Potion of Feather Step (apg, 50 gp) - This green potion smells like cedar.
Oil of Mage Armor (cr, 50 gp) - This viscous ruby elixir smells like roses.
Potion of Enlarge Person (cr, 50 gp) - A swirling silver tincture, contained in a thick iron phial.
Potion of Reduce Person (cr, 50 gp) - This viscous blue ichor causes a warm sensation when used.
Elixir of Swimming (250 gp) - A watery draught, contained in a thick glass jar.