Hand Of Wekkurr

The troublemaking hand of the Master Vampire. Is meant to be worn as a necklace, attached to a silver weighted chain. When used as a focus, increases the save DC of Necromantic spells, or any spell effect dealing negative energy damage, by +2. Holds a number of charges which can be expended similar to a staff until they run out. Charges are not renewed until the Hand has been fed with the blood of a sentient creature, and can not be renewed more than 1/week. Feeding the hand deals 4d6 negative energy damage to an eligible creature, twice that if it's of an elven race/subrace. Feeding the hand is a decisively evil action if the creature has been imprisoned or coerced against it's will.
The hand exudes a strong necromantic aura, as well as an aura of overwhelming evil.

The hand holds 10 charges and abilities are as follows:
At Will (Cost no Charges) - Touch of Fatigue (Fort Save DC 18 Negates); Command Word "Gezear" (Tire)
1 Charge - Chill Touch (1d6 Negative Energy, 1 pt Strength damage unless save with Fort DC 19; Is channeled through the users melee attacks, including weapons, and lasts for 5 attacks with each charge expended); Command word "Geazad" (Freeze)
2 Charges - Command Undead (Range 65 ft, Will Save DC 20 Negates; 1 Undead creature obeys commands for up to 8 days); Command Word "Gizath" (Voice)
3 Charges - Vampiric Touch (Deals 4d6 points of damage on a melee touch attack, wielder gaining temporary hit points equal to the damage dealt, if damage kills target, gain fast healing 5 for a number of rounds equal to the Hit Dice of the Target) ; Command Word "Stonid" (Drink)

The hand is psychically tied to the Vampire who lost it, and upon using it he is alerted to it's presence, making the users targets for it's wrath. As the party gains strength the artifact does as well, as the Master Vampire slowly gets closer to their location, as such the current artifact is based on an 8th level wizard, and each level the DCs and damages will increase accordingly.