History Of Northwood

The first city in Northwood, which would become the Capital of the fledgeling kingdom, was founded in the spring of 1440 by a small group of frontier settlers; Malchai Fairchild, Dagvo and Aola Strongshield, Bessa Onehorn and Rianna Woodsman. Prior to Malchai's arrival, the settlement of Towering Oaks was just a few dingy worker's barracks around Bessa's logging camp.
Malchai showed up and established himself with a general store that sold basic necessities to the local workers, and using his family's seed money, also built some nicer quality estate housing for himself, Bessa, and a couple business associates that he called upon. The first family that he called upon to come out and make a life there was the Strongshields, Dagvo and his wife Aola. Malchai had served with Dagvo up in Azure Peak during the Great War and had stayed in touch with the dwarf over the years.