Homebrew Content

This is all going to be used for my sourcebook that I'm making


For sourcebook make sure only include these ones and any race interactions for those from the SRD; i.e. how Shaqqi see Elves, Mekkgnomes interactions with Humans, etc.


Equipment (Mundane)

Special Materials
Spell Components

Equipment (Magical)


Hand of Wekkurr



Special Materials

(From Marvel universe)
Golden Adamantine - Resists Psionic Interference Adamantine Adamantium
Uru - Stores and repulses magic Uru
Vibranium - Vibrates and stores kinetic energy Vibranium

Book List

Various books which could end up in libraries or bookstores.
Bookspinner Generator
The Infallable Weather God's Blasphemers
Condition: This book is muddled beyond belief thanks to having an author that was apparently suffering from a chemical dependency. If one miraculously managed to understand the book's contents, that person will find it is reasonably useful.
Effect: DC 20 Decipher Script to understand, if succeed +2 to checks regarding the Weather God and anything relating to it's history, or followers.

Theurgy for the Journeyman
Condition: This book is of average clarity because of the excellent, well-planned chapters. Perusing it will show that it has a lot useful information.
Examining the book, one will find: A written dedication in the beginning to the author's son as he embarks on his apprenticeship at an Ossian Mage's College.
Effect: +1 competence bonus to spellcraft and knowledge (arcana) checks the month that it's written for 1st to 3rd level spells.