Jackie Boy

Character Name Jackie Boy
Race Dwarf
Class and Lvl Monk 3
HP 13
Melee Atk
Ranged Atk
Str 12
Dex 11
Con 11
Int 7
Wis 9
Cha 9

Brewmaster: Your family brought the secrets of
dwarven brewing to non-dwarven lands. Though this
has given you skill in the brewer’s craft, it’s also earned
you distrust among dwarven purists. You gain a +1 trait
bonus on Profession (brewer) and Craft (alchemy) checks,
but you take a –1 penalty on Diplomacy checks made to
change the attitude of dwarves who know that your family
has shared brewing secrets with non-dwarves.

PF COMPANION Alchemy Guide

Drink Is Life Origin: The Darklands/Five Kings Mountains Practitioners: Dwarven barkeeps, brewmasters, distillers, and
tavern owners Common Uses: Celebrations, drinking games, drowning
sorrows, drunken carousing, inflaming passions
The dwarven tradition of brewing is an ancient one,
stemming back before that race's famed Quest for Sky. Once
the dwarves emerged onto the surface world, their brewing
process evolved from the fermentation of underground
mushrooms and tubers into the form recognized today.
But while fermenting Golarion's surface crops yields more
delicious libations, the resulting beers lack the punch of
brews made with Darklands ingredients. By including
mind-altering fungi, curative roots, and other unusual
additives as well as surface grains and hops, dwarven
brewmasters can craft drinkable ales, bitters, and stouts
with effects similar to those of the original dwarven brews.
While dwarven brews are always strong and never fail to
cause the imbiber to become tipsy or downright drunk, what
separates the so-called "magic ales" from the mundane brews
also popular among the dwarves is that magic ales bestow
additional effects beyond intoxication. Such
effects vary depending on the brew, but
in many cases rival the potency and
of true magic potionshence
the name of these
amazing concoctions.
These hotheaded, hard-drinking ruffians and brawlers are
as dangerous in the midst of combat as they are in a tavern,
and they wouldn't be caught dead without a libation for
either occasion.
Drunken Rage (Ex): At ist level, a drunken rager can
drink a unit of ale or other strong alcohol while raging to
gain I drunken rage point. The act of drinking is a standard
action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. At ist
level, the barbarian can have a maximum of I drunken
rage point; this maximum increases by I every 2 levels
thereafter. These drunken rage points last for I hour or
until spent, whichever comes first. The barbarian can use
drunken rage points only while raging. Unless otherwise
noted, spending a drunken rage point is a free action.
A drunken rager can spend i drunken rage point to
increase her movement speed by 20 feet for I round,
provided she is wearing no armor, light armor, or medium
armor and is not carrying a heavy load. She can also spend
I drunken rage point to gain I additional round of her rage
class feature, which lasts for I hour or until used.
This ability replaces fast movement.
Staggering Evasion (Ex): At 2nd level, as long as she
has at least I drunken rage point, a drunken rager gains
evasion, as the rogue class feature of the same name. This
ability replaces uncanny dodge.
Tolerance (Ex): At 3rd level, as long as she has at least I
drunken rage point, a drunken rager gains a +1 bonus on
saves against effects that would nauseate, poison , or sicken
her, as well as saves to avoid addiction or other ill effects
associated with consuming alcohol. This bonus increases
by I at 6th level and every 3 levels thereafter. This ability
replaces trap sense.
Improved Staggering Evasion (Ex): At 5th level, as long
as she has at least 2 drunken rage points, a drunken rager
gains improved evasion, as the rogue advanced talent of the
same name. This ability replaces improved uncanny dodge.
Drunken Swing (Ex): At 12th level, a drunken rager can
spend I drunken rage point as a swift action before making
a melee attack to drastically increase the deadliness of
her attack. The critical threat range of her next attack
that round increases by I (for example, a critical
threat range of 20 would increase to 19-20 ). This
ability does not stack with any other effect
that expands the critical threat range of
a weapon. At 16th level and again at 20th
level, the barbarian can spend I
additional drunken rage point to
further increase the critical threat range of her next attack
(to a maximum critical threat range increase of 3 at 20th
level). This ability replaces the rage power gained at
12th level.
Despite their name, dwarven magic ales are alchemical items
rather than magic items. If the effects of a magic ale stack,
track the duration of each dose's effects separately. Unlike
most alcohol, the magic ales below have no detrimental
effects like hangovers or addiction. Optionally, the GM can
use the rules for drunkenness and addiction detailed on
pages 236-237 of the Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide to
augment the effects of these brews.
This malty ale has a legendarily thick, creamy head. It creates a
pleasant buzz and sense of euphoria that dull the effects of pain
and concussions, granting the drinker a + 1 alchemical bonus on
saving throws to avoid becoming dazed, staggered, or stunned,
or against any effect with the pain descriptor (Pathfinder
RPG Ultimate Magic 138) for 1 hour. In addition, a dose of
boulderhead bock grants the drinker 1 d6 temporary hit points
that apply exclusively against nonlethal damage. Multiple doses
of boulderhead bock stack, to a maximum alchemical bonus of
+S and a maximum of 20 temporary hit points.
ALCHEMICAL RECIPE Recipe (4 gold + 1 S spirit of wine)/fermentation; Craft DC 1 9 Time 1 week; Tools brewer's kit; Type alcohol
This rare and unusual brew is fortified by a
process of repeated partial freezing, during
which the ice is continually skimmed off,
resulting in a draught with more than 1 O
times the alcohol content of ordinary ale.
Icecap ale grants a + 2 alchemical bonus to
the drinker's Strength and Constitution for
1 minute, as well as a +4 alchemical bonus on saving throws
against compulsions and fear. However, after this initial surge
of energy, the drinker becomes fatigued and takes a -4 penalty
on Dexterity- and Strength-based skill checks for 1 hour. In
addition, the drinker loses all memory of events that transpired
during the 1 d4 minutes directly following consumption of a
draught of icecap ale; a successful DC 20 Fortitude save negates
this memory loss. Additional doses of icecap ale imbibed
during the hour following an initial dose cause the drinker to
become sickened for 1 minute (instead of gaining a bonus to
Strength and Constitution) and to suffer all the negative effects
of icecap ale.
ALCHEMICAL RECIPE Recipe (SO spirit of wine + 40 urea)/distillation; Craft DC 20 Time 1 week; Tools brewer's kit; Type alcohol
One of the oldest known dwarven ales, longbeard Iambic is
fermented with wild airborne yeasts and cultures, especially
those that proliferate in the dank caves where it has
been brewed since long before the Quest for Sky began.

Longbeard Iambic has a bracing effect that shocks the system.
If the drinker is fatigued, shaken, or staggered, she can ignore
these conditions for 1 d4 rounds after imbibing longbeard
Iambic. In addition, a dose of longbeard Iambic can reduce the
exhausted condition to fatigued or the frightened condition
to shaken (drinker's choice) for the same duration. If you
consume a second longbeard Iambic within 1 minute of the
previous dose, you must succeed at a DC 1 S Fortitude save or
be nauseated for 1 d4 rounds. The DC increases by S for each
dose imbibed within the same time span. Dwarves gain a +S
racial bonus on this saving throw.
ALCHEMICAL RECIPE Recipe (3 gold + S quicksilver + 4 spirit of wine)/fermentation; Craft DC 1 8 Time 1 week; Tools brewer's kit; Type alcohol
This green-tinged brew has a pungent, bitter
bite. It's flavored with a variety of foulsmelling
herbs and is intensely carbonated
through a unique fermentation process.
Sometimes given to visitors as a prank,
wyrm's breath bitter causes the drinker to
become sickened for 1 d6 minutes (Fortitude DC 1 2 negates);
dwarves gain a +S racial bonus on this saving throw. After
drinking a dose of wyrm's breath bitter, the drinker can, as a
move action, unleash a thunderous and noxious belch in either a
S-foot-radius spread or a 1 0 -foot cone. Creatures in the area are
deafened and sickened for 1 round (Fortitude DC 1 2 negates).
The drinker must wait 1 d4 rounds before belching again, but
can belch as often as desired for up to 1 O minutes after drinking
a wyrm's breath bitter.
ALCHEMICAL RECIPE Recipe (2 black powder + 1 0 brimstone + 20 spirit of wine)/
digestion; Craft DC 2 1 Time 1 week; Tools brewer's kit; Type alcohol

The following new tools (see page S) are used to create
dwarven magic ales.

A brewer's kit includes a mash tun, as well as copper
kettles and piping for boiling and cooling before
casking it and allowing it to ferment. It also includes a
variety of dried hops and spices for flavoring.
This exceptionally crafted kit provides extra spices, a
wider variety of herbs, and higher quality tools than a
normal brewer's kit. A masterwork brewer's kit grants
a +2 circumstance bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks to
produce alcoholic beverages.