Joan Dormé

Name - Joan Dormé
Hometown - Dormé
Deity - Lux
Class - Paladin
Level - 5
Gender - Female
Age - 18
Hair colour - Platinum Blonde
Eye colour - Blue
Height - 5’5”
Weight - 120lbs

Joan was born to noble parents in the small northern village of Domré. Her parents owned 3 small farms and an inn in Domré. Joan's parents were received by the people of Domré as kind and generous, charging low rent and upkeep for the properties they owned. Joan was home schooled by a personal tutor in the art of womenship and nobility. Joan was loving what appeared to be a perfect life. However, one day at the age of 6, when Joan's mother sent her out on her daily errand to buy a loaf of bread, Joan was to return to a horrific sight. Joan’s home was engulfed in flames! Joan dropped her bread, and dashed through the crowd that had gathered. She burst through the front door in a spout of courage to save her parents, but the extreme heat and smoke overcame her before she could venture deeper into the home. She was lucky saved by one of the village guard. Joan was to attend her parents’ funeral with smoke inhalation and minor burns. Joan was informed that she could not inherit her parents wealth and properties until the age of 16, and would be left with only the clothes on her back, and the handmade scarf bearing her family colours and emblem, that her mother had made her. Joan, now being an orphan, was given to the local church, The Church of Lux, to be watched over. Her first few months in the Church Orphanage was rather difficult, she could not sleep on the basic bed roll beds, she would turn her nose at the dish water broth, spit out the stale bread, and cry for endless hours. However, while at the Church of Lux, Joan was now being educated in religion and of the Religion of Lux. She soon became inspired by Lux and his many feats. One of the priests even told Joan that she had already accomplished one of Lux’s feats when she rushed to save her parents. Joan was infatuated, she wanted to be a better person like this Lux she read about more and more. Through a combination of indoctrination and inspiration by the Church of Lux, Joan concluded that she would train to follow in Lux’s path. Joan started to embrace the feats and laws of Lux. And when she turned 16, she inherited her parents properties and wealth, but instead, sold it and donated all proceeds to The Church and The Order of Lux. The next two years, Joan would pass the trials and requirements to become a paladin of The Order of Lux. Though she still carried some of her flaws of being raised as a noble, she would try to overcome them, just as Lux overcame his flaws. Joan would be given everything needed for her journey, and left the Church, headed south. With her sword, shield, plate armour, symbol of Lux, and her family scarf, she ventured to Northwood to begin her trials and quest to destroy evil.

Lux's Honor Code

Lux’s followers fall under two categories;
The Church of Lux, and;
The Order of Lux.

The Church of Lux is the organization of priests and monks, as well as the commoner believers. They archive major events, maintain buildings of worship, and educate commoners and The Order of Lux.

The Order of Lux is the organization of paladins who follow Lux’s legacy by following in his footsteps, upholding the law, defeating evil, and supporting communities.
The Order of Lux, along with following the 7 Feats, follow specific laws that guide them along a stricter path with Lux. These laws must be followed at all times by a paladin, and will allow them to mirror Lux, their goal in life and service.

These laws are as follows;

  • A paladin must never consume alcoholic beverages, or consume exotic or high class foods. The paladin may consume only bread and basic soups unless such foods are unavailable, then they may consume as long as they follow the law.
  • A paladin must never, through physical violence, force any sentient being to convert to The Church of Lux. They must encourage and display their feats to convert sentient beings.
  • A paladin must uphold abstinence at all times.
  • A paladin will never allow anyone to suffer, or be in a position below them. I.e. A paladin may not sleep in a bed when someone known is sleeping on the floor.
  • A paladin may never indulge in gluttony, but they may accumulate wealth to benefit the Church and all that is light.
  • Lastly, a paladin must give all enemies a chance to embrace Lux’s light. However, if said enemy is too tainted by evil, as to where no light shall ever shine, they are to be executed immediately and sent to Lux for redemption.

Where Lux devoted his life to destroying Tenebris, their afterlife fates are closely intertwined. This means that if a paladin submits themselves to The Order of Lux, that they now tread a line where Tenebris may consume their soul. This is why the laws and feats were established. It is believed that as long as a paladin follows these laws and feats, and follow Lux as close as possible, that they may never befall the influence of Tenebris. However, the more they stray from Lux’s life, the more exposed they will become to Tenebris. When a paladin has been fully influenced by Tenebris, and strayed from the path of Lux, they are deemed fallen paladins. These fallen paladins must be hunted and destroyed by all members of The Church, and The Order of Lux.

Event Honor Points
Convert an evil creature to the worship of Lux and the cause of good (Converting Alignment) +1/3HD
Offer Sanctuary and Defend it +3
Swear an oath and uphold it +2
Grant a creature that did significant harm mercy after a battle +1, +2 if a major enemy
Protect an innocent against significant odds +2
Complete a noble task for an honorable NPC (50+ Honor Points) and tell no one +2
Destroy an evil or dangerous magic item +2
Uphold the oath of poverty/abstinence when offered rewards +2
Complete an adventure, dedicating the deeds to Lux +1
Spread the word of Lux to an ignorant population +1/100 people preached to
Willingly break one of the laws of Lux -2
Use violence to solve a problem when negotiation was an option -3
Offer sanctuary and betray it -4
Attempt to intimidate a creature into following Lux -5