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Jubruq; The Twice Forsaken, Exiled from the Elves, Cursed by the Drow, fated to wander the wastes spreading destruction and ruin behind them.

The Jubruq are favored by a dark primeval god of destruction, and it is from he that they gain their physical power and magical abilities.

Jubruq horses are the quickest and hardiest of the known world, they can survive in the desert almost as long as camels, and move even quicker than normal horses, easily plowing through sand dunes.

Game Stats

+2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Cha; Jubruq are quick and strong fighters, their blade dancers are like the hazy mirages of the wastes, but they are quick to sneer and have no love for outsiders.

Desert/Waste Affinity: Jubruq are more than at home in the desert, they thrive there. As such they suffer no penalty for hot conditions, and can survive 2.5x as long in the heat without without water. Cold conditions are much more deadly to them however, and must make fortitude saves vs. the weather twice as often.
Vermin Affinity: Druids can select vermin as their animal companions, and Jubruq may use animal empathy with Vermin as if they were animals. Wizards may select a scorpion or tarantula as a familiar as well.
Spell-like Abilities: 1/day each Jubruq can cast the following, Create Water, Touch of Fatigue, Sand-spray (Color Spray) and Desert Haze (Obscuring Mist).
Immunities: Immune to daze effects, thanks to centuries in the desert.
Bonus Vs. Enslavement Thanks to the tremendous effort it took to leave their cursed homeland, the Jubruq receive a +2 bonus vs. any kind of charm or compulsion.

Associated With Jubruq

Sand Domain - Commonly taken by the tribes shaman.