Jurassic Park Cruise

The mekkgnomes with the Steam Fleet want to get back at the Ogre Fleet, and they've decided that the best way to do that is to undermine their exotic contraband animal shipments, in particular, the dinosaur shipments coming in from the Northern territories on the ship The Thunder Lizard. The party is to sneak into their on-shore warehouse and then use a mechanical headband on one of the dinosaurs which will imbue the dinosaur with intelligence and sentience as per the Awaken spell. The dinosaur that they have in mind is a mean-spirited guard raptor named Longclaw. The players will need to either pass a DC 20 Handle Animal check, use a Calm Animal effect, or subdue/grapple (CMD 15) the creature in order to get the headband on. Once on the raptor awakens and within a few rounds of shrieking (which alerts the guards), it snaps out of it and speaks to the players, leaping on the closest enemy if possible. The raptor then informs them that Longclaw was his slave name, and they shall now refer to him as Hisstar the Free, before leading them into the warehouse and helping them break out his comrades.

Once the mayhem begins it alerts the Ogre Guards enforcers who come to the warehouse to call out the party. Hisstar disappears into the shadows when they appear, saying that he has a plan and that the party needs to stall them for a minute. Within 15 rounds the massive warehouse door is burst open by a charging Triceratops, followed by Hisstar riding atop a Tyrannosaur that he says is named Narbok.

Ogre Warehouse Guard - CR 3, Perception +5 Darkvision 60 Ft,
Ogre Warehouse Guard Boss - CR 6, Perception +13 Darkvision 60 Ft,
Ogre Animal Handler

Response Team
Ogre Warehouse Guard x6 - CR 3
Captain Logok Boulderfisted - CR 9 Hill Giant Fighter, captain of the Thunder Lizard