Burial Ground

Earnings gp or Influence +4
Benefit prevents or creates undead
Create 4 Goods, 3 Influence, 4 Labor, 1 Magic (350 gp); Time 8 days
Size 20—30 squares
Upgrades To Crypt
This somber plot of land is dedicated to the internment of the dead. Up to 20 Medium or smaller corpses can be buried here, their plots clearly marked by gravestones, statues, or other markers. For an additional 200 gp, this area can be consecrated as holy or unholy ground. A corpse buried in holy ground cannot be animated as an undead creature. A corpse buried in unholy ground has a 5% chance every month of reanimating as an uncontrolled zombie. If you upgrade a Burial Ground, the area retains the consecration effect.