False Front

Earnings gp or Goods +2
Benefit bonus to Perception and Sense Motive DCs
Create 4 Goods, 1 Influence, 4 Labor (190 gp); Time 12 days
Size 10—20 squares
Upgrades To Storage and Storefront (see below)
This simple, nondescript business uses an innocuous front to hide criminal dealings. It might appear to be a low-quality pawnshop or ill-stocked market. It has the bare necessities for functioning as the kind of business it pretends to be, but its true purpose is to conceal the nature of the building—typically a criminal enterprise or secret meeting place, such as a cult's sanctuary or a den of thieves. The room includes a secret door leading to the rest of the building. The room increases Perception and Sense Motive DCs by 5 for those trying to notice unusual activity or determine whether the building is what it seems. Since a False Front contains both a false Storefront and false display area, its space can be upgraded to both Storage and a Storefront simultaneously (or upgraded to just one, leaving the remaining area unused).