Guard Post

Earnings gp or Goods +4
Benefit defenders get a bonus on initiative and Perception checks
Create 7 Goods, 2 Influence, 6 Labor (320 gp); Time 20 days
Size 6—10 squares
Upgrades From Tollbooth; Upgrades To Gatehouse
This defensive structure prevents access to a building. It is normally arranged so defenders have a clear line of sight to all room entrances or a clear view of all approaches to the building. You can construct this room in a tower layout (at no additional cost), which includes a second story that also counts as a Guard Post. The listed price includes the cost of having unskilled employees as guards (1st-level commoners or experts with uniforms, but no armor or weapons). If the building has an Armory, these employees are armed and armored, but still mostly for show. If you want trained guards who can defend against dangerous intruders, hire professional guards or recruit a team of Guards or Soldiers. Any defender using the Guard Post's defenses gains a +1 bonus on initiative checks and on Perception checks against intruders at the Guard Post.