List Of People In Towering Oaks
  1. Malchai Fairchild - The current mayor
  2. Gareth Xerinak - An elven druid who tends to the lake and visits the fields on harvests. He was elected as the town's religious official on council.
  3. Rianna Woodsman - The wife of the leader of the Woodsman's Guild, she acts as liason between the guild and the town council, and was elected councilor by the town to represent their interests.
  4. Kennith Stark - Teamster
  5. Smiling Ivan - Young teamster who came in with the party.
  6. Bessa Onehorn - an escaped Minotaur Slave of Gigantes. Employs 2 teamsters.
  7. Dagvo Strongshield - A dwarven ex soldier (Fighter 3), leads the militia and owns The Old Oak Keg
  8. Aola Strongshield - Dagvo's wife, a formidable woman, and because of her ability to cook Dagvo volunteered her to take up the position of town diplomat; wining and dining important newcomers to the town.
  9. Ygin Earthfate - A dwarven businessman, seeking to start a quarry in the northwest, came in with the party.
  10. Khaleb Whittler - The owner of Sharpest Nail; an unremarkable character if not for his Huld inspired clockwork wooden stag scultpure he made for the town in March 1446.