M&M Enemies

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Everyday People
Name Power Level Powers/Skills Description Source
Police Officer PL 3 Minion, 35 pp Unpowered, Average Pistol shot A lightly armed and armoured city police officer ?
Reporter PL 1 Minion, 21 pp None Street smart, with a digital camera ?
Soldier PL 5 Minion, 43 pp Unpowered, Rifle and Grenades, Good shot A standard infantry rifleman ?
Deer PL 2, Minion 1, 11 pp Protection 1, Low-light vision, Scent, Speed 1 A deer, quick and four legged. ?
Wolf PL 3, Minion 1, 14 pp Protection 2, Speed 1, Stealth and Bite Regular Wolf ?
Dire Wolf PL 6, Minion 4, 49 pp Bite Specialization, Large Sized, Protection 3, Speed 1, Low-light visions, Scent, Track A large vicious wolf ?


Riptarian Aliens
Name Power Level Powers/Skills Description
Ornid PL3 Minion, 42 pp Small Size, Blaster Pistol, Plasma Cutter, Vulnerable to Ice/Cold A small, fast saurid based on an old egg-stealing dinosaur.
Riptarian PL 4 Minion, 55 pp Powered Armour, Blaster Rifle, Tail Slap and Claws A velociraptor descended humanoid shock trooper armed with a Blaster Rifle
Spinal Grunt PL 5 Minion, 74 pp Impervious 3, Super-Strength 4, Blaster Rifle, Warmace, Frag Grenade mix between a humanoid triceratops and stegosaurus. Is primarily a pilot, large sized and super strong. This is a weaker version.
Raptor Mech PL 5 ?, Not Calc Robo Punch, Rocket Arm, Super-Strength A Mech Construct, used mainly for lifting

Troll Spiker Grunt PL 3 Minion
Troll Spiker Street Samurai PL 4 Cyber-enhanced Swordsman
Elf Ancient Thug PL 3 Minion No
Elf Ancient Sorcerer Combat Mage PL 4 No
Shadowrun Cop Human Cop PL3 Minion, 37 pp No
Cutter Thug Human Thug PL 3 Minion, 45pp No
Cutter Lt Human Thug PL 5 75 pp No
Ares Corporate Security Human Corp Soldier PL 5 Minion, 50 pp No
Ares Rigger Drone Specialist PL 5 Minion, 61 pp No
Ares Lt Human Corp Lt PL 7, 103 pp No
Ares Sorcerer Human Corp Sorcerer PL 5 Minion, 66 pp No
Ares Heavy Gunner Human Corp Heavy Gunner PL 5 Minion, 51 pp No
Ares Sniper Human Corp Long Range Sniper PL 5 Minion, 51 pp No
Ares Helicopter and Pilot Human Corp Pilot and Assault Chopper PL 5 Minion, 50 pp
Cereal Killer Rigger Controls Vehicles and Drones PL 4 Minion
Cereal Killer Helo-drone A hovering weapons platform. Construct
Spiker Heavy Troll Troll explosives master and suppressive fire PL 5 Minion,
Spiker Cyber-Heavy Troll A super-sledge wielding cyber-enhanced large troll. PL 8,
From Mutants of Faerun
Nazi Kobold Submachine Gun and Grenades PL2
Dragonspawn Commander Breath weapon and immunity based on parent dragon, claws and a pistol. PL5

Fantasy Conversions

Aboleth PL 9, Minion 17 (252 pp) Many illusion powers, can turn people into aquatic creatures
Ankheg PL 5, Minion 4 (47 pp) Acid Spit, Burrowing, Large Size
Bugbear PL 5, Minion 3 (35 pp) Large Bruiser, Darkvision and Scent
Bulette PL 10, Minion 6 (87 pp) Huge Size, Burrowing, Leaping, Powerful bite
Chimera PL 9, Minion 7 (102 pp) 3 heads, Firebreath, Flight 3 (6pp), Large Sized
Goblin PL 1, Minion 1 (10 pp) Darkvision, Small Sized
Kobold PL 2, Minion 1 (20 pp) Darkvision, Small Sized
Ogre PL 6, Minion 3 (36 pp) Tough Skin, Large Sized
Orc PL 4, Minion 1 (12 pp) Darkvision, little stronger
Werewolf PL 6 (85 pp) Alternate tougher form with regeneration
Winter Wolf PL 6 (85 pp) Large Size, Cone of cold breath, hide in snow
Worg PL 4 (49 pp) Improved trip, demon wolf

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