M&M Heroes

The Guardians

Echo - The Absent Artist
Identity: Lydia Justice (Nobody knows)
Costume: Varies, only ever interacts through created avatars, her favourite is…
Origin: Mystic
Powers: Summoning, Omniscience (Through her art)
Brings art to life, fights through avatars, omniscience through her characters; draws for comic books as day job
Inspiration: None

The Saurian - The Immortal Dinosaur
Identity: Grawr Mikkilith (Raptor for Clever One)
Costume: Retro looking white space suit, fitted to his reptilian frame, classic retro blasters and jet pack
Origin: Cosmic
Powers: Immortality, Regeneration, Super Intelligence, Gadgets
An ascended Velociraptor, hyper intelligent space traveller, immortal and returned to Aterra to protect humanity from extinction events. He looks like a humanoid raptor, often wearing a space suit and accompanied by his "dog" Rex, a very lovable tamed T-Rex.
Inspiration: Martian Manhunter, Starlord

Lady Maestra - The Mystic Elf Queen
Identity: Endaria Lunahris
Costume: Purple gown with a silver tiara, Staff and Spellbook
Powers: Array of Magical Spells, Near Immortality
Origin: Mystic
An actual elf, crossed over from fantasy Aterra, powerful wizard though her powers suffer from the disconnect in worlds.
Inspiration: Doctor Strange, Elminster

Professor Plasma - The Gallant Armoured Knight
Identity: John Morgan
Costume: A knight themed suit of golden power armour, complete with plasma sword and a heater shield. Alterations include lances, morning stars, and various suits adapted for specific terrains.
Origin: Tech
Powers: Power Armour with Varying Abilities, Flight, Super Strength
The protective millionaire older brother of a genius inventor, Brian Morgan, fights in a super suit that his brother built. Seems aloof and goofy but is a charismatic business savant and runs the corporation, Morgan Industries, for his behind the scenes brother, with love and admiration. His brother builds and maintains his armour, and the two frequently bond over John's adventures as Brian works on buffing out the battle damage. Brian was paralyzed by a pair of bullies in a fight, a frequent occurrence, despite John's best efforts to fight them off. John always viciously protected his younger brother and when Brian presented him with a suit of armour and the words "You've always protected me, it's time for me to help protect you." he knew that he would be King's Crossing's Knight Protector for as long as he lived.
Inspiration: Iron Man

Stalker -
Identity: Elsa Monroe
Costume: Black clad stealth suit, various pouches and hunting gear
Origin: Skill
Brilliant tracker, detective, and fighter. Trained with ninjas from the monasteries of Xalliman. Amazing marksman, though she generally uses blowdarts and bolas to capture her prey alive. Was an heiress to a massive corporation until the syndicate took it over in her absence.
Inspiration: Batman, Black Panther, Green Arrow, Storm

Major Force - Punisher meets Captain America, ex-member, declared war criminal for his involvement in the great grandian war and forced into hiding. Still a national icon.
Origin: Science

Captain Capitalism - Corporate sponsored uberman, a genetically enhanced cyborg. Distrusted by the Guardians, but mandated for insurance reasons to have him on the team.
Origin: Tech/Science


Origin: Mutant
Powers: Super Strength, Endurance, Impervious Protection, Super-Senses, Quickness